WEEKEND QUESTION: Would you let a hot girl get away with being bitchy?

Posted: 05/06/2011 by Singlefied in Weekend Question
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Thanks to a friend’s suggestion, I’m going to try out something new here at Singlefied.  Every Friday, I will post a question and I encourage everyone to comment/discuss.  It’s a chance for me to shut the hell up and hear what you all have to say.  But of course next week, I will give my 2 cents.

This week’s question is: Would you let a hot girl get away with being bitchy, simply because she’s hot?

It is no secret that attractive girls can get away with a lot – my hot friend Yvonne never has to stand in line for anything, and my gorgeous friend Brianne was totally under qualified for a job but was hired because she had a good client-facing face.  But societal perks aside, do good looking girls also get away with being bitches?  More importantly, do you excuse bitchy behavior as long as she looks like Megan Fox?

Thanks to PK for the awesome graph!

  1. RC says:

    Yeah, initially. But it won’t save them forever. Like everything else in dating, appearances are more important in the beginning, but personality is what keeps it going.

    (Being good in bed doesn’t hurt either…)

  2. Shameless says:

    She would have to be really really hot and yes, I’d let her get away with murder.

  3. Kevin says:

    I would put her in her place, that’ll make her REAL HOT!! lol

  4. Sizzler says:

    First of all, a girl’s hotness implies to a guy that she will be great in bed mainly because a great face and a great body are amazing things to see, watch, ogle, and feel during sex. And since we’re very visually oriented, we can already imagine what it would be like to have sex with you just by looking at you. We can literally undress and fuck you visually in a matter of seconds.

    And as long as the sex is as good or exceeds that expectation, you can be as bitchy as you want. At least initially.

    This is because of the law of diminishing returns. That last bite of cheesecake is never as good as the initial bite right? Same for chicks. We’ll do almost anything for that first bite, but we’ll weigh our options for that last one. So basically, you can be as bitchy as you want at the beginning, but that bitchiness is fucking annoying as fuck after we fucked you enough times. That being said, a bitchy chick can lengthen her reign of bitchiness if she keeps things amazing in bed. Remember the law of diminishing returns? If she just keeps things nasty and awesome in the sack, it’s like putting strawberries, butterfinger crumbles, and caramel swirls on that last bite of cheesecake. We’ll lick that fork clean.

    The most unfortunate is when a hot girl is not great in bed. Such. A. Waste. And it happens. A lot. Mainly because of a few reasons.
    1. The lack of performance feedback: guys always cum, but girls never really know if it was a 4.5 on the WHOO! Scale or a 9.0.
    2. Since fucking someone beautiful is such a visual delight, a guy might overlook the glaring holes in the sexual performance, since he can just make up for it by pumping away.
    3. Ugly girls just need to fuck better to survive Darwin’s sick little game

    So basically, in terms of time allowed for bitchiness reign:
    5. Ugly girl/bad in bed
    4. Ugly girl/great in bed
    3. Hot girl/bad in bed
    2. Hot girl/great in bed
    1. Hot girl/great in bed/keeps things fucking dirty/nasty/OMFG!

    but eventually every bitchy chick meets her bitter end cause a bitchy chick is fucking annoying. Some figure it out and some don’t.

    Of course a great personality factors in but it is not decisive. In other words, an ugly girl who’s bad in bed but has a great personality will never trump an ugly girl who’s great in the sack but has a regular personality. And so on and so forth.

    Basically having a great personality does not make up for being bad in the sack. Being great in the sack is just as big of a prerequisite for a good relationship for a guy as it is for a girl.

  5. KC says:

    Only for one night. I tolerated a hot bitchy one for over 8 years. Now it’s just hate sex when I meet a hot bitchy girl…. Just my 2 cents.

  6. CJ says:

    Rudeness negates hotness almost as much as crappy graphs with no data to back them up.

  7. Ryan says:

    No no and NO!!! In my book, hot chicks are held to the same standards as everyone else..no bitchiness allowed! Hot chicks think they can get away with anything just cause they were born pretty…screw that! I say we take all the hot biaaatches and send em to a crappy little town called Fort Collins Colorado, that’ll humble them up!

  8. Mark says:

    That is a tough one. I think a guy might not even notice the “bitchyness” if she is really hot (which is different than letting her “get away with it”).

  9. DickLambert says:

    There is a certainly a correlation between level of hotness and bitchyness/craziness. Yes, I defiantly let the hotter ones get away with being bitchy. I think it’s part of their attraction at least for me. The hotter and bitchy makes them more attractive even and so the more I enjoy pinning their ankles behind their head.

  10. Sure – I let you get away with it.

  11. […] couple months back, I posted the question “Would you like a hot girl get away with being bitchy?”  Turns out, many of you do have balls!  Most said that you would let her get away with it at […]

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