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You Got Served – Take It to the Streets (Dance Instructional)

You Got Served – Take It to the Streets (Dance Instructional)

You don’t have to be twinkle toes on the dance floor to impress the ladies, but you might want to avoid being “that guy.” Singlefied and Sparkology will bringing you a series of videos upping your game on the dance floor. Video #1: 4 Common Mistakes. And don’t forget, Miss Singlefied gives private social dance lessons that can be done either in person (NY & LA) or via Skype. Miss Singlefied will also have a live show via Uvidy soon, so stay tuned!

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*NEW* Social Dancing (Men and Women, available in NYC and LA only):

By popular demand, Yue (former pro dancer) offers 1-on-1 dance lessons on social dancing, including basic dance steps that can be used at clubs, weddings, parties, etc.  Each lesson teaches you dance moves, musicality, rhythm, and how to read your partner.  It’s the perfect class for anyone who is dance-shy.  You are guaranteed to walk away knowing how to dance!  Group lessons also available for groups of 3 or more.

Book your lessons today!

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