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  1. John says:

    I really like my friend alot…and she wanted to clear the air by asking why I do the things I did for her (my intentions) … I told her that I liked her more than a friend but she said she only sees me as a friend…I was upset and she said hopefully its not awkward and doesn’t want to lose me as a friend.
    Couple months have passed, I took her out for her bday just the two of us and got her a very nice gift.
    I still have feelings for her, but not sure what I should do…I think about her practically everyday…it’s hard to not. Should I just move on? Or just tell her I would like her to be my girl?

    • Singlefied says:

      You’ve already put the ball in her court. If she doesn’t serve it back (meaning, tell you her feelings have changed), then it is pretty clear that you two are not meant to be together presently. No need to push for things, she already knows how you feel. I know it’s hard, but the best thing is to move on and realize the energy you’re spending on her, you could be spending on a girl who is better for you.

  2. Wala says:

    I think you should try dating other women. But if you find that you’re still always thinking about her, then you have nothing to lose in asking her out again. There could be a chance she changed her mind. Also, look for signs (how she reacts when you are extra nice to her…is she nonchalant, or does she really try to show her appreciation? If she gives you signs that she’s into you, then ask her!) I am actually going through the same thing, but I’m the girl in this senario, and I am hoping he would ask me out again…

  3. TXB says:

    Once friends, almost forever friends. You’ve made your feelings known. Don’t expend anymore energy on her. You either want her as a friend or a lover, the two very seldom go together unless the two of you become friends with benefits. But here’s the catch, why would she provide you with benefits, if she gets everything from you anyway. Just don’t call, or see her for a while. When she asks why having you called her, just tell her you seeing someone. Then play it from there.

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