Yue Xu, Dating Advisor, Dating Sociologist, Founder of Singlefied

It all started in the winter of 2007 when I was waiting for my friends at the Spring Lounge in Soho, NYC.  A nice guy in his mid 20’s dressed in the usual corporate uniform of baby blue button down shirt and khakis approaches me and says, “Hi, I’d like to buy you a drink but I have no idea what to do after that.”  We’ll call him Ben.  I don’t know what came over me but I had an overwhelming desire to help Ben develop his game.  He had all the nuts and bolts, but just didn’t have the right tools to put it all together.  I spent the next few hours talking to Ben about his dating history and providing him with dating success stories that I had witnessed.  That night, Ben referred me to his co-worker Chris.  Since that fateful winter night in the ultimate adult playground we call New York City, I have helped hundreds of clients just like Ben and Chris develop fruitful dating strategies.

Hey.  I’m Yue (pronounced like UA, think “United Artists”).  I give dating advice to men.  I consider myself a dating sociologist.  I’ve taken my knowledge and observations and neatly grouped them into “best practices,” if you will.  My dating tips have successfully helped my single male clients with everything from finding girlfriends to getting over broken hearts.

At the request of my clients and friends, I’ve launched Singlefied.com, an informative and entertaining blog solely dedicated to bachelors.  Whether you’re a veteran single or newly single, Singlefied provides valuable dating information from a chick’s perspective.  I do not believe the ultimate goal is marriage, because let’s face it, marriage is not for everyone.  However, my goal is to help you actually enjoy dating.  A lot.  So guys, prepare yourselves to be singlefied.

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Contributor Dick Lambert is a man’s man, plain and simple. He has slept with strippers, the occasional pornstar, your girlfriend, all of your girlfriend’s friends, cousins, sisters, etc.  Currently he is working on the trifecta of two sisters and their mom.  His love for sleeping with all the women in a circle of friends borders on pathological but that’s OK, he is here to share some of his game with you.  Men may be from Mars and women must be from Venus but Dick is just a dick.

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Our 2nd male contributor, The Unsung Romantic, is what many would call a Euromerican. He is a lover, a hunter and a fighter all rolled into one overly complicated contradiction of a modern day American playboy. He’s dated mother-daughter combinations, Thai nannies, has almost been married, has fathered unborn children and has more fetishes than noted on your favorite porn site. All this aside, he loves the essence of woman for every perfect imperfection they have, believes there really is one woman (at least) out there that makes a man lose all sense of consciousness and understands men are from Mars and women are from another completely uncharted parallel universe.

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  1. Louie says:

    Hey, I saw your report in China and wondering about what you are up to!
    I am doing this video in China about teach Chinese guys to get Western Girls.
    Any interest, let me know?

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