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We, here at Singlefied, are excited to announce our new partnership with Sublime Matchmaking.  Yes, we’re expanding our services from coaching to matchmaking (for both men and women).  We won’t be as mean as Patti Stanger (unless if you like that), and you are guaranteed quality dates.  Check out our Starter Package.

*For the time being, this is only offered in NYC.
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There may be a new dating site coming to the US soon called,, which allows users to pimp out their friends.  I actually had the same idea for a business with the same name (some of you received an email from me), but I should’ve figured that it already existed somewhere.

The problem I have with most dating sites is the amount of false information presented and the inability to screen for mental stability.  With this friend-endorsement platform, a friend can describe you much better than you can yourself.  They can highlight your strengths but also be honest about your weird habits.  And if you’re really a psycho, a true friend would gladly point that out.

The only danger I foresee is having a bad friend endorse you; maybe an ex, a friend who has a crush on you, or a frenemy.  So I guess this site would also double as a friendship test.

Since the site is not yet available for US residents, I will keep going with my weekly Singlefieds, where I will personally introduce you to quality single chicks I pick out myself.  And if you have any girls that you would like for me to feature, send them my way!

Singlefieds is up!  Every now and then, I will find girls that I know, friends of friends, or worthy girls online who I’d like to present to my readers.  Our first victim is Keri.  According to her friend:

“She’s 26, petite (only 5’3″ so expect her to wear sexy heels on a date), and lives about 30 minutes outside NYC.

She’s an Ithaca alum and public relations whiz kid for several major resorts and cities (yeah, she travels like a rock star). She’s also been all over Mexico, Australia, the Caribbean, Canada, and oodles of other places that’ll make you think, “hmm, she’s got some culture and experience under her belt. Hot.

So what’s my cutie-pie friend looking for in a dude? Well, for starters a dude (no ladies, sorry lezzies). Preferably someone close to NYC or in the city (she’s so close and spends so much of her work time here anyway), Jewish (but not mandatory), charming and somewhere in the 28-35 age range. Please be charming, attractive, and a lover of international travel if you want to woo my girl.”

Although I don’t know this girl personally, she seems pretty badass, especially with her travel-heavy job with major connections.  She won’t be that cling-on crazy who has to see you every minute of every day.

If you’d like to get to know Keri better, click here.