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Thanks to a friend’s suggestion, I’m going to try out something new here at Singlefied.  Every Friday, I will post a question and I encourage everyone to comment/discuss.  It’s a chance for me to shut the hell up and hear what you all have to say.  But of course next week, I will give my 2 cents.

This week’s question is: Would you let a hot girl get away with being bitchy, simply because she’s hot?

It is no secret that attractive girls can get away with a lot – my hot friend Yvonne never has to stand in line for anything, and my gorgeous friend Brianne was totally under qualified for a job but was hired because she had a good client-facing face.  But societal perks aside, do good looking girls also get away with being bitches?  More importantly, do you excuse bitchy behavior as long as she looks like Megan Fox?

Thanks to PK for the awesome graph!