The Verdict on Brunch Dates

Posted: 05/03/2011 by Singlefied in Dating, First Date
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There seems to be a trend of brunch dates these days.  If you’re unfamiliar with brunch, it’s basically a fancy way of saying “extended lunch on a weekend, usually involving day drinking.”   When asking a girl out on a brunch date, take the following into consideration:

1) The Good

  • It’s cheap.
  • It’s laid-back.
  • Since it’s during the day, you’ll see what she really looks like.  A girl who wears too much makeup to hide her busted face cannot get away with it in the daytime.
  • She should be well-rested and in a good mood, as opposed to coming from work, school or the gym.
  • If brunch goes well, you have the option of extending it without seeming like you just want to get in her pants (even if you do).
  • If brunch doesn’t go well, you have the rest of the day to find your next victim.
  • The bitch won’t come out.  Natural sunlight helps to relieve PMS symptoms by balancing her hormones.  Sweet!

2) The Bad

  • If brunch doesn’t go well, you will have both wasted each other’s precious weekend time.
  • You could both be hungover from the night before.  Not cute.
  • It’s very tricky to end brunch dates.  It’s not as easy as “I have an early start tomorrow.”  So by mid brunch, you either have to figure out a hard stop with plans for later, or decide you want to invite her to the next activity.  Don’t try to read what she wants to do, you drive the situation by deciding whether you want to end the date after the meal or not.
  • You may not get any.  Girls won’t feel as frisky in the daytime as they would at night.  Your chances of taking her home after brunch is a lot slimmer than after nighttime festivities.

The verdict?  Brunch dates are great casual get togethers that create a relaxed, less pressure atmosphere.  I would not recommend it for first dates because it’s too involved.  Also, I would recommend going into brunch dates with ideas of 1) what to do afterwards if brunch goes really well and 2) how to end the date if you’re not interested in spending anymore time with her (e.g., “I have a basketball game at 4pm”).

  1. DickLambert says:

    As long as you avoid brunch for the first few dates! I don’t know anyone who has had brunch sex. Unless she has a drinking problem and hammers those Mimosas then you aren’t getting any and if you do then you will soon learn what Mimosa vomit smells like.

    I’d do brunch if it wasn’t football season and it was after an all night sex marathon. We both go to brunch disheveled smelling like sex and breeze into brunch cool as can be to get some needed nourishment so we can return to my place and repeat the highlights from last night.

  2. Datingisms says:

    […] choose brunch as your first date. Like this:LikeBe the first to like this post. ▶ No Responses /* 0) { […]

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