OK OK, it feels fucking good when you can cum inside a woman’s mouth, especially when she gently sucks you while you ejaculate.  [I just re-read that sentence 100 times]  Although we know you like it like that, not all of us do it like that.  When a girl chooses to swallow, what does it mean?

Let me first clear up something: there is nothing sexy about your semen.  It’s got the texture of Elmer’s glue mixed with the scent of chlorine and sweaty balls.  It’s a fucking chlorinated, sweaty ball stew.  I don’t care how diligently you’ve studied porn (oh, that was your major in college?), we are not thirsty for your sticky juice.  I was lucky enough to discuss this topic with my girlfriends this past weekend and we’ve all agreed, yo’ jizz don’t taste so good.  One of my friends did reveal that her ex who ate a lot of fruit (pineapples, strawberries) tasted sweet.  The same food items that make our twats taste good have the same benefits for you.  However, most of you live on steak, potatoes, french fries, burgers…making your ‘izz taste like ‘ish.  But I digress, because we all agreed that we’d much rather suck your dick than lick a pussy.  You guys have it rough too.  Anyway, girls still swallow sometimes, so what does it mean?

1) She doesn’t know any better. Ever since her first boyfriend asked her to, she just assumed that that was normal.  Lucky for subsequent guys, this chick thinks not swallowing is weird.  Don’t question it, let her live in a parallel universe drowned in semen.  If she one day stops swallowing, it’s a sure sign that things are going downhill.  Maybe you need to give more, if you want to keep receiving more.  How to spot her: She opened her mouth and said “ahhh” from the very beginning.  There was no warm up period.

2) She likes you, a lot. This girl has some real feelings for you, and this is her way of showing it.  It’s a very unselfish gesture, knowing that you would reap all the benefits while she intakes the dead babies and unwanted calories (approx 7 calories/teaspoon).  With this girl, all you need to do is ask for her to swallow.  She wants to please you, so tell her how you can be pleased.  How to spot her: When she spends more and more time with mouth-to-cock, next time leave a paper towel next to the bed.  The challenge for her is the swallowing part, not the cum-in-mouth part, so give her an “out” with a handy dandy towel.

Aside from all the nastiness of your semen, I’ll fair balance this by saying that there are benefits.  Cum is a proven anti-depressant (women were less suicidal when having unprotected sex), and it may reduce the risk of breast cancer.  Now you can prove your case for swallowing.  However, semen could increase her risk of throat cancer (HPV-linked).

Happy hump (and swallow) day!

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  1. Datingisms says:

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  4. if a boy swallow girl wat dat thing mean

  5. HumanBeing says:

    Pretty narrow-minded view. Not every girl thinks like you or your friends. Good advice comes from weighing all aspects of a situation, not spouting biased opinion. Oh well, maybe someday you’ll learn.

  6. just-me says:

    I had to comment – I enjoy swallowing, quite a bit as a matter of fact – not necessarily the taste, but the whole idea of turning someone on so much and the act as part of the whole sexual encounter. While I think you have some valid points regarding the icy factor of semen taste, like “HumanBeing’s” somewhat snarky post says, not everyone thinks like you.

    anigilaje kadijat – not sure if your kidding or not, but women don’t usually “ejaculate” enough to be swallowed – it is possible however, though I believe a woman’s ejaculation is usually forceful and enough liquid that swallowing would be difficult.

  7. Joey says:

    Oral sex is in the mind. Whether its a man’s cum or a woman’s juices, they are nothing taste-wise or otherwise. Its just a way to pleasure one’s partner and get pleasured in return. In fact, many, if not most women, have yuck – tasting / smelling genitals, but very few males would refuse going down on a woman, even though she may have yuck flavors out there. As for women not ejaculating, boy, are some of us mis-informed. Properly stimulated, a woman can come like a fountain. This ejaculate originates from the Skein’s gland; it is a clear, tasteless, watery fluid, not viscous like semen. It is also totally different from the woman’s lubrications, which are again, clear, tasteless, watery and slimy. This lubrication originates from the Bartholin’s glands.

  8. Luka says:

    Ms Singlefied, you definitely need to broaden your mind and crawl out of those seriously prejudiced views of yours.Saying ” there is nothing sexy about your semen” illustrates nothing more than one girl’s, ie your, personal distaste. That doesn’t make it fact- more likely it signifies your own issues -which,judging from the overall tone of the rest of your article,certainly indicates there are more than a few. Personally, I know more than a few girls who would strongly disagree with your comments. So maybe it would have been wise for you to say ” in my opinion…” rather than say that you discussed the topic with your girlfriends this past weekend and you all reached the same conclusion. To which I would reply…so what ?? Maybe you all need to broaden your field of experience, and not use your negative experiences as justification for making sweeping, and flawed, generalizations about male biology.Describing semen as “nasty” is puerile, bordering on misandry.

    • Singlefied says:

      Thank you for your response and I appreciate your point of view as well. Sure, some women enjoy swallowing to turn on their men, similar to how men enjoy going down on women to pleasure their women. Yes, you are right in that I can honestly say I have not met one woman who enjoys swallowing semen for the sake of swallowing. If you or people you know fall into that category, please help me understand why, especially in regards to health reasons. Why would a woman put her health at stake for a guy she doesn’t really care about? The purpose of my post is not dwindled to “semen is nasty.” I want to make it clear to men that swallowing is kind of a big deal that should not be seen casually, and frankly, should not be expected. If you believe otherwise, please do make your argument. I’d appreciate it.

      • Luka says:

        Ms Singlefied, no-one expects any woman to put her health at risk, especially not for a guy she doesn’t care about..how did that notion even come into the equation ? Frankly, that poses the logical question which is why a woman would even have oral sex with a man whom she doesn’t really care about ? I actually think sex is a very intimate, meaningful act….so then having it with a guy you “don’t really care about” just cheapens the experience. On the other hand, if the two of you do know one another, and know each other well enough to confirm one another’s health status, then ” health reasons” aren’t even an issue. In such cases oral sex should not be dangerous at all to the woman ( or the man). And I think we both agree that swallowing is a big deal, and shouldn’t be expected, or regarded casually. Which brings me to my earlier point about sexual intimacy in general being a big deal, by nature of its very intimacy. So in summary, my argument is that swallowing needn’t be a ” nasty” experience at all..it comes down to the individual situation, and to the particulars of the relationship in question. A couple can just have regular intercourse, and that also can be regarded as nasty, depending on circumstances. So it isn’t the act of swallowing semen, much less semen itself, which is nasty. Rather, the situation, and the intentions behind the sexual act itself, which make the experience nasty. To put it plainly, people can make the most beautiful, intimate experiences nasty, tawdry and cheap with the wrong approach and intentions.

  9. max maurell says:

    You forgot 2 options, Number 1 are prostitues and number 2 are porngirls. Why? Just for the money. I know, because I am working in the adult business. I provide the models and sometimes I am the cameraman

    • Sweets lady says:

      Your opinion about swallowing semen is crap, your quote””Why would a woman put her health at stake for a guy she doesn’t really care about? “”…… Maybe you should stop sleeping with guys you don’t care about first. I like swallowing I get so much pleasure when doing so. My friends, workmates, gym friends and random talks we hve with women in parties they love swallowing. Seems your circle of friends have a problem you all sleep with guys you don’t care about but l wonder how you end up sucking his dick then coz we all agree that you only suck a guy that you are in love with. Not just any dick goes into the mouth. At least your friends know now that sleeping with guys they don’t care about put them at risk of HPV good advice on that.

      Clearly you know nothing about the topic you wanted to share with us. You are very narrow minded or you got burned by the guy you swallowed his cum. “Singlefied” I don’t know what it means but l get the impresion you are single that explains why you could end up sucking any dick coming your way. Find a good guy and enjoy pleasing each other. Any sexual act l do with my man pleases both of us its not a desperate cry to prove how much l care. Sex is very intimate and putting his sweet dick into my mouth is very pleasant for me. All dead babies and staff woman you sound very bitter in this blog maybe you should rewrite this thing. Doing research on something before your go blah blah blah with lies its always a good thing. You can always ask us we r here to help you enjoy the expirience rather telling us how nasty it is…I rest my case.

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