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This weekend, make sure you have all the necessary “tools” to create your own fireworks:

Tools for improving your pick-up game:

The Creeper Sweeper

Pick-Up During Magic Hour

Using Compliments

Tools for training your dragon:

How to Stay Hard

How to Deal with Penile Performance Anxiety

Tools for in the bedroom:


How to Talk Dirty

Learn from Women-Friendly Porn

Tools for when you’re alone:

Develop Strong Self Awareness

and when all else fails…

Get a Pocket Pussy

Every time girls go out, it’s inevitable that we’re approached by a creeper.¬† Sucks for us but awesome for you!¬† Why?¬† Everything is relative, so if you immediately talk to a girl after she has been creeper attacked, by comparison, you’ll seem 10x more normal and desirable.¬† And if you’re the one to get rid of the dude, you’ll come off as the hero.¬† Here’s how The Creeper Sweeper works:

1) Spot or plant The Creeper. He’s usually alone and creating quite a stir with a girl or group of girls.¬† You can tell by the disgusted looks on the girls’ faces.¬† He may be saying stuff such as, “Where you girls going after this?¬† How ’bout in my pants?” or “Who loves butt sex?¬† Raise you hand!”¬† He may also be the silent creeper; the guy with a staring problem who hovers around girls making them incredibly uncomfortable.

2) Follow The Creeper until he reaches your target. The good thing about him is that he makes his rounds.¬† It is without a doubt he’ll end up bugging the girl you’re digging.

3) Let The Creeper do his thing. ALWAYS let him be creepy first and perform his one-man-play, “I Use Lines from Pornos in Real Life.”¬† Sometimes girls mistaken his first act as a funny, party guy who may be really drunk.¬† By his 2nd act, he’ll have offended someone.¬† And during his last act, one of the girls will try to shoo him away unsuccessfully…because The Creeper is also a lingerer.

4) Sweep The Creeper. As soon as he performs his last act, go in there and save the day.¬† If it looks like he gets the point and is leaving, go approach the group immediately.¬† Now, if it looks like he’s still lingering, gently escort him away.¬† Don’t fight with him, because he’ll be belligerent.¬† Once he’s gone, make up some shit like, “I see this guy here every week, I’m sorry you girls had to deal with him.¬† I thought you were going to slap him! [point to hottest girl in the group]”¬† Perfect ice breaker.

All of a sudden, you just became the most attractive guy in the room!  Fuck yeah.

If this technique is too involved and if you’re ballsy enough, take my Toast and Bolt challenge instead.