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This weekend, make sure you have all the necessary “tools” to create your own fireworks:

Tools for improving your pick-up game:

The Creeper Sweeper

Pick-Up During Magic Hour

Using Compliments

Tools for training your dragon:

How to Stay Hard

How to Deal with Penile Performance Anxiety

Tools for in the bedroom:


How to Talk Dirty

Learn from Women-Friendly Porn

Tools for when you’re alone:

Develop Strong Self Awareness

and when all else fails…

Get a Pocket Pussy

There’s a time right before a bar closes that is almost guaranteed to get you laid.  “Magic Hour” is about 1.5 hours before closing time.  In New York, it would be around 2:30am.  If you stick around during this time (or take the short cut and just hop into a bar right around then), you’re bound to leave with someone.  Usually by then, girls are wasted and horny, their prospects have already left, their friends may have ditched them, and there’s just less people in general.  Instead of getting lost in the crowd, now’s your chance to be that knight in shining armor who will appear in her blurry vision to save her from projectile vomiting all over the bar.  Yes, this one may be a little sloppy, but beggars can’t be choosers.

And remember, don’t forget your exit strategy the morning after.