It’s Your Last Day On Earth; Go Get Laid

Posted: 05/20/2011 by Singlefied in Dating, Pick-Up Strategies
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Tomorrow, 5/21/11, marks the end of the world.  Or at least that’s what some Christian groups believe.  Although nobody really believes that Judgment Day could come so soon, it is an interesting thought to keep in mind.  Think about it: If today is your last day on earth, what would you do?

I would fly home to be with my parents, eat a bucket of fried chicken, bathe in diamonds, and have sex with John Cusack.  You too?!  Weird.

But seriously, just by having this mentality will make you do things that you wouldn’t normally do.  Especially when it comes to the dating scene.  Let’s say that you subscribe to the idea of today being your last day on earth, how would your Friday night be different?  Would you have no qualms approaching girls?  Would you not give a fuck about rejection?  Would you totally be yourself?  Would you actually be interested in what the girl is talking about?  And would you be so carefree and relaxed, that instead of “picking up” chicks, you’re just getting to know cool girls?

I find it interesting with human behavior that once we’re given an expiration date on something, we’re more willing to push ourselves beyond our comfort zone.  Think about it, why do you think you get more ass when you’re traveling to a foreign place?  ‘Cause you’re thinking, “I’m only here for 24 hours, I’ll never see these chicks again.”  Suddenly, you’re more boisterous, charismatic and magnetic than when you’re in your own city, all because of this “seize the moment” mentality.  Same with why do couple fall in love when they go on vacation together?  Because they’re in this temporary state of mental seclusion, being present and not overthinking their next chess move.

I strongly believe that this is a mentality we can all benefit from.  If today really is your last day on earth, maybe you’ll stop thinking, and just be.  Also, “Tomorrow is the end of the world, the least I can do is buy you a drink” is a great fucking line.

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