The First 3 Dates

Posted: 01/25/2011 by Singlefied in Dating
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The first 3 dates are the most crucial in determining if you’re right for each other or not.

FIRST DATE: The purpose is to get to know each other.  I don’t believe in elaborate dinners or outings for a first date.  Trying to impress someone so hard this early on creates the Reality TV Effect, meaning you’re getting to know each other in a made-up environment that doesn’t simulate reality.  You should take her somewhere where you feel most comfortable.  Maybe a bar where you know the bartender, or your favorite pool hall.  It’s where you feel most comfortable to be just you.  And at this point, if she can’t like you in your natural habitat, she’s not right for you.

SECOND DATE: The purpose is to bond together.  This is your chance to do an activity or try something new.  Competitive activities can usually test how two people are as a team.  And trying something new together will not only make you seem adventurous, but also helps you two feel closer by tackling something foreign.

THIRD DATE: The purpose is to impress.  If you guys make it to the 3rd date, it means this is going well and she means something to you.  This is your time to impress her so she can brag to all her friends about it.  And it’ll be even better if you do something that she mentioned on the previous 2 dates.  If you haven’t slept together by now, this date will at least lead to some groping.  Maybe even motorboating if you’re good.

It only takes 3 dates to know if you like someone or not.  Efficiency dating.  Try it.

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