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232323232fp;53>nu=3234>65;>399>WSNRCG=35;95;-4;2339nu0mrjI am very honored to be featured on my college friend’s new website, Resume Bar.  She first approached me on 2/13 of this year to be interviewed about my career path.  And guess what?  It took me over a month to find a way to articulate the path I’ve taken and where I plan to go.

I first started with no other intention but to help others and myself.  This journey has brought me inspiration, clarity, motivation and at times, frustration.  The most important thing I’ve come to realize is that healthy dating stems from healthy relationships with others; whether it’s your friendships, your interactions with your relatives, or even how you connect with the barista at Starbucks.

Next time you’re out in public, take a look around.  The person you’ve just made eye contact with (friend or stranger) has their own story, their own struggles and their own journey.  They’re also someone’s child, or parent, or mentor, or BFF.  Healthy dating stems from healthy relationships, and healthy relationships stem from healthy perceptions of others.  Let’s stop judging.  Or pitting ourselves against others.  How are we, as a society, suppose to move forward when we spend our time bringing others down?

The fundamental lesson in dating is how you connect with humans.  If you treat everyone with love, I guarantee you’d be pleasantly surprised at what you get back.

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