A couple days ago, I was meeting up with some friends at my local bar.  One of the guys showed up with this hot young thing: long shiny hair, long luscious lashes, and long shapely legs.  Plus, she was sweet and easy going, drinking beers like it was nobody’s business.  I was proud and bewildered at the same time.  “How do you two know each other?” I asked.  “CouchSurfing.org,” they replied in unison.  Apparently, she was on vacation from California and applied to be a couch surfer at his place in NYC.  A hot girl who requests to go home with you?  I’m sold.

What is CouchSurfing.org?  It’s a non-profit organization that helps people find places to crash when they’re traveling; it also facilitates cultural immersion in foreign countries.  Their vision statement: “A world where everyone can explore and create meaningful connections with the people and places they encounter.”  It’s set up like a social networking site where there are Hosts and Couch Surfers.  As a Couch Surfer, you can apply to Hosts who are available in the places you’re traveling to.  As a Host, you profile your living situation and conditions and choose which Couch Surfers you’d like to host.  Totally free for everyone involved.

Why should you use it?  Besides all the connecting-with-people-from-different-cultures-resulting-in-lasting-friendships fluff, it’s a great way to meet new hotties:

As a Host: You get to meet babes in “vacation mode.”  Studies show that people have more sex on vacations because they’re more carefree and horny when removed from their stale home environment.  These girls are not only staying with you, they’re looking to you to show them a good time.  There’s nothing sexier than a man taking charge and showing us his world.  And the best part? Now you have someone to visit in another state or country (given that you were a good Host).  *Disclaimer: I’m not saying you should expect to get sexy time with every hot couch surfer you host, but I am saying that the probability of hooking up is much higher than meeting a random at a bar.

As a Couch Surfer: You get to meet a chick you wouldn’t normally meet on vacation, and if she doesn’t float your boat, she can introduce you to the other hotties in her network.  You can then invite all of them to visit you(r pants) next time they’re in town.  Awww, what a nice guy you are.

So what happened to my guy friend who brought the long-legged hotness to the bar?  Nothing.  But it’s OK, because he just hooked up with his Ukrainian couch surfer.  Ласкаво просимо в наше ліжко! (WTF does that mean?)

In the words of my friend KD, “happy crotchsurfing!”

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  1. Arielle says:

    This is the first time I’m reading your blog, and because of this post, I won’t ever again. I’ve been a member of couchsurfing.com for many years and I think it’s totally irresponsible of you to promote it as though it’s a way for someone to get some ass. I love the site because it allows travelers to have a “local’s” experience. I’ve made many friends on the site (guys and ladies), but I would feel unsafe if they’re intentions for letting me stay with them was because I’m a pretty girl and they want to potentially hook up with me. Couchsurfing.com and a safe site, please don’t encourage creeps to join.

  2. Singlefied says:

    I, in no way, condone unwanted sexual advances or non-consensual forceful sexual encounters (but consensual ones can be real fun!), as it’s just plain disgusting, at best, and criminal, at worst. I am condoning using the site to meet new people under the pretense that fun, fulfilling and pleasurable sexual encounters can be part of that experience, not as a way to attain that end.

    The fact of the matter is that I encourage people to head to a number of places, whether online or offline, where people can meet others and discover new people. Should I not encourage people to go to bars because some people there are hoping to get “lucky”? Should I not recommend going to certain dating sites because some people there are using it to get laid?

    Sex will always be a primal desire within any new meeting, relationship, or encounter. I have embraced and internalized that fact. And while you may not agree, I think that consensual sexual encounters are but a part of the local’s experience, as you so call it. A pretty awesome part, at that.

    I intend to liberate sex, not to contain it. There are in fact plenty of people who use couchsurfing for the possibility of a local experience including sex. Are all these people “bad” or “creeps” or “creepettes”? Depends on how you look at it. If that’s not part of “a pretty girl’s” ideal local experience, then women should know not to apply to couch surf on men’s couches. Is that fair? No. But that’s society.

    Again, I apologize for coming across as unconscionable. I will be disappointed to lose you, as it’s these types of conversations that continually shift the conversation about the subject we love so much: human relationships.

  3. Łukasz says:

    I strongly disagree with your ideas about CS network.
    Hot girls don’t request to go home with you, they asking you to host them. If you’re new to hosting people I’ll explain: having a guest is all about they staying at your place, you’re showing them around and making sure they are feeling comfortable. As trying to get to somebody’s pants is none of the above it is strictly aganist CS rules and spirit.
    I must disapoint you. Majority of female CouchSurfers are not hotties on vacation mode. They’re more like average looking, great personality outgoing girls on being careful mode.
    What do you mean about ‘nothing sexier than a man taking charge and showing us his world’? Most of CouchSurfers seen more world than you probably will ever see. Trust me they won’t be impressed about ‘your part’ especially with that attitude.
    All of this makes probability of hooking up much lower than meeting a random hottie at a bar. This post of yours is misleading and harmful for CS.

    • Raphael says:

      When there is attraction between two people sex is perfectly natural, no matter where they meet. I’ve used cs for 2 years, and trust me a lot of sex does occur from it. Sex with new people is one of the benefits of travelling, so any site like CS is going to result in a lot of people hooking up. Maybe you just feel left out Kukasz.

  4. LinkingParking says:

    as a matter of fact…and i talk for experience i had in hosting, you are right there are several possibilities to have sex… it has happened to me a lot of time… and i’m not (at all) the pushing kind of guy… i guess sex is just part of the vacation that people sometime like to have…( anyway i DO NOT need CS to have sex ) i just love to meet different people from different places in the word, but sex sometimes JUST HAPPEN… CS rules or not… why avoid it.

  5. Lindsay Hawk says:

    Not cool. I just caught my bf hosting his pad to some older Canadian chick and using it to threaten me for leaving him…I went to visit relatives and this is how he treats me! Ugh! I agree that this story has poor taste…couch surfing is not crotch surfing and while I want to believe my bf and think he didn’t do anything with her…I have my doubt’s after reading this. We all know how guys think. 😦
    Oh well…

  6. Rob Haydon says:

    no lindsay, this goes against the spirit of couch-surfing…. using it purposefully as a way to hook up with people isn’t what it’s about, and in fact is a reason a lot of girls feel unsafe surfing alone with male hosts…

  7. jan says:

    The rules of CS should at all times be respected. Having said that, its pretty obvious that guys are going to use this page to get laid. Its all about reading womens signals I guess, just like in other situation. My impression is also that girls tend to act different when you yourself is on vacation; in meet ups in southern europe the girls seem to want to pick you up. So remember, cs is a good way of relieving women of accountability, perfect for everyone.

    • Bo says:

      Oh shut the fuck up all you cynical idiots, you think tou know everything with your stupid facebook and twitter yes the canadian girl came and she was a nice person who i didnt screwed. She slept downstairs and i slept upstairs nothing happened couch surfing is a place where people look for honest friendship thats all if anyone is getting laid why do u hate people having sex? Everybody came to this world after their parents had sex. Stop being idiots and end the social dysfunction. Go outside and meet people instead of hating strangers(in this case me)

  8. dominika says:

    Wow, this post is…ugh. Let me just say that even after reading 50 positive comments on my host’s page (I’m going to Austria in June and my host is male and 37), I am now scared that there are more people like you that would use CS just to have sex with me. Way to spoil my first experience.

  9. Angela says:

    haha I google searched ‘bedsurfing’ as opposed to ‘couchsurfing’. I don’t want to sleep on the godam couch when I could sleep in a bed with a sexy boy. They need to make ‘bedsurfing.org’ lmao

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