Happy Monday! Fun Ice Breaker/ Panty Dropper

Posted: 03/28/2011 by Singlefied in Dating, First Date, Pick-Up Strategies, Sex
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1) Think of your favorite color.  Describe it with three words.

2) Think of an animal.  Describe the animal using three words.

3) Think of your favorite body of water (natural or manmade).  Describe that using three words.

4) Imagine you’re in a room that is painted all white, with no doors or windows.  Describe how you feel using three words.



The words you used to describe your favorite color are how others perceive you.  Your words for the animal are how you see yourself.  Your descriptors for your favorite body of water describe your sex life.   And your feelings inside the white room are how you perceive death.

Interesting, here are my answers:

Color/Others Perceive Me: Hot, Passionate, Turbulent  (Someone hose me down!  Or give me Adderall)

Animal/Self-perception: Furry, Intelligent, Agile  (Yikes, furry?)

Water/Sex: Blue, Clean, Confined (Note to self: buy whips and chains)

White Room/Death: Liberated, Lonely, Abandoned (Right on point)

Now of course if you’re hitting on a chick, the only question you need to ask is, “Describe your favorite body of water using 3 words.”  One of my friends answered, “Large, salty, and turquotic.”  I’m guessing you don’t need to waste a drink on her.

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