Meet My Single Friends…Soon

Posted: 02/07/2011 by Singlefied in Dating, Online Dating, Singlefieds
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There may be a new dating site coming to the US soon called,, which allows users to pimp out their friends.  I actually had the same idea for a business with the same name (some of you received an email from me), but I should’ve figured that it already existed somewhere.

The problem I have with most dating sites is the amount of false information presented and the inability to screen for mental stability.  With this friend-endorsement platform, a friend can describe you much better than you can yourself.  They can highlight your strengths but also be honest about your weird habits.  And if you’re really a psycho, a true friend would gladly point that out.

The only danger I foresee is having a bad friend endorse you; maybe an ex, a friend who has a crush on you, or a frenemy.  So I guess this site would also double as a friendship test.

Since the site is not yet available for US residents, I will keep going with my weekly Singlefieds, where I will personally introduce you to quality single chicks I pick out myself.  And if you have any girls that you would like for me to feature, send them my way!

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