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V-Day D-Day

Posted: 02/08/2011 by Singlefied in Dating
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Let’s be frank here, no single person likes Valentine’s Day.   It’s just another day to remind you that couples are so cool they get a holiday and the closest holiday to celebrate singlehood would be St. Patrick’s Day.  So, what happens when you just recently started dating a girl and V-Day is less than a week away?  Here are a couple solutions:

1) If you just started dating a girl and you’re really not that into her: get rid of her already!  Don’t wait until after V-Day, it just makes it worse.  Cut her loose and go on a dating hiatus this week.

2) If you just started dating a girl and you are into her, but not enough to commit exclusively: organize or find a group event.  Maybe get a group of your friends to go out for dinner, have a party, or even organize a group bowling tournament.  Find something that says, “I like you enough to spend Valentine’s with you, but I’m not ready to commit.”  And when you present it to her, don’t ignore the words “Valentine’s Day.”  Make it clear that you’d like to spend Valentine’s Day with her in a group situation.

3) If you just started dating a girl and you are ready to commit exclusively: do something one-on-one but not too fancy.  You want to show her that you are fo’ realz about her to spend this commercialized holiday with her, but you don’t want to over-commit by making it too serious.  Propose a nice dinner and something chill afterwards.  Maybe meet up with your other coupled-off friends for drinks or rent a movie (a.k.a. have sex while a movie plays in the background).

The way we, as girls, feel is that we don’t want to make Valentine’s Day a big deal, but we don’t want to be left out either.  Just make sure you communicate and set the right expectations, and you will be handsomely rewarded.  It’ll be like prom night, you’re guaranteed to get some.  And trust me, despite the Pepto-Bismol colored decor, jacked-up flower prices, and PDA overkill, we WILL make your night worthwhile.