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Results of the Dating Survey are in!  We had 100 participants: 41% female and 59% male.  The results are fascinating and somewhat surprising.

*In the survey, participants were asked to give their demographic info (age, location, occupation, employment status, relationship status and sexual preference) and then rank the following qualities in order of importance when evaluating a potential mate: Looks, Personality/Sense of Humor, Job/Salary, Intelligence/Education, and Good in Bed.  Then they were asked to answer the same question according to how they think their opposite sex would respond (this question was added after the survey launched so 10% of participants did not get to answer this question).


Thanks to my buddy Chuckdizzle, I was inspired to take on a little dating research project about what we consider important in a mate.  The main goal is to see if there are any major differences between what men and women look for.  So, if you could take 5 minutes and complete the survey, I will slow-mo-run-hug you if I ever meet you in person.  Results will be posted in 2-3 weeks!

Click here to take survey