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Snow sculptures in the shape of penises have created an uproar in Lafayette, Indiana.  The neighbors are not happy to see male genitalia, especially Ms. (Va)Ghina Robinson.

Along the same lines, no girl really likes seeing your penis.  We like the way it feels, but aesthetically, it’s not a masterpiece.  I know girls who are actually afraid of seeing penises and can only have sex in the dark.  I wonder, though, if our general “dislike” of cocks is because the lack of them in the media.  In porn (even porn for women), the penis takes a backstage to the vagina.  In movies, we see a gazillion boobs but I’m still curious what mini Brad Pitt looks like.

So what I’ve learned from this video is that we need to show more penises.  The end.

Good Vibrations…Down Under

Posted: 12/12/2010 by Singlefied in Oral Sex, Sex
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Why do girls like vibrators?  Because they vibrate.  Vibrations feel good down there.  Next time you visit vajayjayland, try moaning or humming.  It’ll drive her insane.

And while we’re on the topic, can I just dispel the myth that EVERY girl likes it when you go down on her?  It’s simply not true.  I know plenty of girls who are really not into it and even if they go down on you, they’d rather you not reciprocate.  So, how would you ever know?  Talk about it.  Ask.  Know what she enjoys from the get-go so you can maybe save your tongue for other parts of her body.