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Dating is like selling yourself as a product and seeing who wants to buy.  But how can you really sell yourself if you don’t know your product?  Self-awareness and understanding is something lacking among many men, so this week, I challenge you to go back to Marketing 101 and get to know your product.  SWOT yourself:

STRENGTHS – What do you do best?  What are you good at?  What have your past girlfriends admired about you?  Your best personality traits?  What are you most proud of? What advantages do you have over other guys?

WEAKNESSES – What are you not comfortable doing?  What is out of your comfort zone?  What have your ex’s complained about?  What would your biggest critic say about you?  What do you suck at?  What places you at a disadvantage to other guys?

OPPORTUNITIES – What are some external factors that could provide positive outcomes for you?  Ex: Just joined a co-ed softball team that could provide opportunities to meet new people.  Or seasonal dating is in full effect.  Or a hot girl just moved into your building.

THREATS – What are some external factors that could impede you from getting a positive outcome?  Ex: Your ex-girlfriend won’t leave you alone.  Or your identical twin just joined the same dating site as you.  Or your family members usually don’t age well.

Having a good sense of yourself will not only help you sell yourself better, but will also help you date more efficiently.  The goal is to work on your weaknesses while finding opportunities to highlight your strengths, and using your strengths to combat any potential threats.

Class dismissed.