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Major network seeking a cast of 10-12 eligible bachelors for a new dating series tentatively called “Sweet Home Alabama”.

The series will follow one single female Alabama bachelorette as she is introduced to a host of incredible eligible bachelors from the country and from the big cities.

An 8-episode series, the show’s producers are currently searching for

10-12 incredible and eligible bachelors who have everything but the girl of their dreams.

Guys must be between the ages of 21-32 and must be fully available to participate for a 4 week period. Filming will begin at the end of May and continue through June of this summer, 2011.

Interested candidates are encouraged to apply immediately.

Please email a recent photograph of yourself along with the following:

1. Name, Age, Career/Education
2. What is your goal / aspiration related to your studies or occupation?
3. Where did you grow up? City/Town and State. Make sure to include your parents names and occupations.
4. What traditions and values are important to you?
5. What qualities and/or characteristics make you a perfect catch? (Personality, Physical Attributes, Accomplishments)
6. What qualities/characteristics/values are important to find in the girl that you will one day marry?
7. Is marriage and starting a family a big dream or priority for you?
8. Be sure to include your Phone Number, Email, Facebook Page and any other web addresses you might have.

*Disclaimer: Singlefied is not affiliated with the show or the casting team