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Written by: Dick Lambert

Telling you to get a job at a strip club is a little like putting the cart before the horse. Hopefully my three part on dating a stripper both horrified and tempted you. Let me provide an alternative that provides the hot lusty kink of dating a stripper without the usual radioactive fallout out.

Work at a bookstore! If you can’t make the career move, then date a girl who works as a bookseller! The very least, pick up a girl at the bookstore.

Working at a bookstore gives you amazing access to a bevy of beautiful women who occasionally frequent a bookstore. You may also score a co-worker. Female booksellers are amazing; they are the embodiment of a maid in the living room, a cook in the kitchen and a whore in the bedroom. You also get the add-on bonus of pulling any tail from other retail businesses around you.

When I worked at a bookstore, I had the deep pleasure of having one of my co-workers. Her name was Dawn, and yes I am using her real name because if she happens to read this, I’d like another fuckfest with her. So please Dawn, forward your current contact info so you can be Dagny Taggart and I will be Hank again.

Dawn was a beautiful red head with pale skin that desired the warmth of a man.  Smart, hard working full time employee at the book store and pursuing her Masters degree. The best part of Dawn was she was this super smart, sexy, intelligent woman who played every game from a position of power, because she had come to terms with pursuing her ambitions “in a man’s world” and staying true to her feminine side all to get what she wanted.

Dawn and I would always in the back room flirting and ass grabbing each other. She had a boyfriend and I had a girlfriend that I was trying to remain loyal to. A woman who wants what she wants when she wants is very sexy. One day, dawn pushed me into the bathroom, got on her knees, pulled out my dick and sucked me off like it was life-sustaining magic cum. I had been blown before but this was some lustful hunger for dick that I had never experienced. She was egging me on, asking me with her mouth full of cock what my girlfriend’s name was. I couldn’t recall at that very moment. She made those happy, hungry sounds as if she couldn’t get enough. She placed my hands on her ponytail and encouraged me to fuck her mouth with complete abandon.  I came long and hard in her mouth, and just a little cum gets on her glasses (of course she wore black rimmed glasses), which to this day is an image that I access often in my porn bank.

If you want to do a bookstore pick-up, go at night because bookstore dating occurs then, so it leads to dinner, drinks, and sex. If you go in the day, you end up with coffee or worse, some stupid thing called brunch. Make sure you have 2-3 books in hand but avoid deal breaking titles like 1001 Fart Jokes. Pick only one customer or employee to hit on for this trip. Avoid all women in the Diet or Self Help sections; ladies with a lot of baggage are to be avoided. You want a woman who is confident and together.

Who knew reading could be so fun!