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The Big O: Big Myth

Posted: 12/20/2010 by Singlefied in Sex
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Now that you’re (hopefully) getting laid more than usual, I just want to get one thing clear: our orgasm shouldn’t be your #1 goal.  For us, it takes a combination of MANY emotional and physical factors to hit the big O, and these factors differ from woman to woman.  Some of us need to feel safe, comfortable and confident.  Some need the right lighting.  Some girls even need to be wearing the right clothing.  Whatever that magic combination may be, it’s not something you can determine right away so stop asking us “Are you gonna come for me, baby?”  No, we’re not gonna come for you. We want to have fun in bed, feel sexy and attractive, and we should turn each other on.  Our heavier breathing, louder moans and faster throttles do not necessarily indicate our proximity to O-land.  It simply shows that we’re having a damn good time.

You should not be concerned with us coming before you, just like how you shouldn’t get cocky if we do come.  It may have had nothing to do with you.  I know girls who can orgasm just by mentally fantasizing, and others who rely solely on vibrators.  This way, you won’t feel bad if we are O-less, and we won’t feel the need to fake it. :0