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Ahhh, the magic of seasonal dating. A little review, shall we?  When it’s cold, people couple off.  When it’s warm, people split off.  During the winter months, it’s nice to have a consistent warm body.  Also, because of the holidays and the “warm and fuzzies” in the air, it’s more likely that couples think they’re in love.  Then BAM, it starts getting warmer, skirts are getting shorter, people are getting friskier, and there is just an overall sexual energy that permeates the air.  End of March, beginning of April starts the real test for couples, and chances are, the girl you’ve had your eye on may suddenly be single and ready to mingle.

Dating has seasonal patterns and I certainly see it with my business.  Right now, most of my clientele as a dating coach are Born Again Daters, seeking ways to get back into the dating scene.  I also see it with my girlfriends.  Last week alone, I celebrated 3 breakups that should’ve happened way sooner.  Yes ’tis true, Breakup Season has started with a bang (or two).

Breakup Season also equates to Mistake Season.  The most common mistake women (and men) make after a breakup is to sleep with some random.   YOU could be the random!  And there’s no need to play nice and try to stick around.  We, women, need you, the mistake, to remind us that a random fuck won’t help us get over a breakup.  Instead, we need to get our shit together.  So in a twisted, awesome way, you’re doing us a favor.

This Breakup Season, be a hero…by being our mistake.  Capes not necessary.