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Postcoital Female-Male Dynamic

Posted: 01/17/2011 by Singlefied in Dating, Sex
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My good friend Derick told me once that he can tell when two people have slept together by observing their interactions in public.  “In a group setting,” he said, “if two people have slept together, the girl tends to be more submissive to the guy she slept with.” For example, she might laugh harder at his jokes, let him make decisions on what drinks to get, or become unusually mousy.  This is especially apparent when the girl is normally a Type A personality.

Derick is a genius because there is a fundamental difference between men and women in terms of how we feel after sex.   You guys are able to separate sex and feelings a lot easier than girls can.  You’re also able to see sex as just sex.  As a result, you may end up fucking something you’re not so proud of, but you can own up to it.   After having sex with a fugly girl, you may laugh about it with your friends.  “Dude, she had a hairy bush but I found her cooch anyway.”  “Her face was so nasty, we just did reverse cowgirl the whole night.”  However, for girls, we like to think that we don’t make sex mistakes.  In a society that labels girls who have many sexual partners as “skanky whores,” we find ways to justify our number.  So, after sleeping with a guy (whether it was worthwhile or not), we want to validate to our friends and to ourselves that it was the right decision.   In turn, we tend to act more favorable towards that guy in a group situation.  We want to believe that he is funnier than he really is.   He can totally pull off a turtleneck.  Those aren’t man boobs, it’s baby fat!   He is hot…from certain angles…and the right lighting, but he is hot.  No really, he is.  I swear.

Happy Monday, everyone!  Next time you’re in a group situation, see if you can spot who’s secretly screwing!