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It’s no secret that women like tall guys.  And frankly, tall guys can get away with a lot.  I’ve seen many not-so-good-looking guys get hot chicks simply because they’re 6’3″.  I’ve also seen a lot of really good looking guys who don’t get enough hot chicks because they’re 5’8″.  So, let me break it down for you.  No matter how short we may be, if you’re 5’8″ and under, you’re considered short.  If you’re 5’9″-5’10”, you’re acceptable.

Why are we so harsh when it comes to height?  We like looking UP at guys, because it makes us feel feminine and petite.  There’s also a sense of security and safety when we’re in the arms of a statuesque body.   Plus, girls love wearing heels when they’re out.  You’ve all seen it, a 5’3″ shorty can transform into a 5’8″ supermodel in some stripper heels.

Now, what can you do if you’re short?  First and foremost, stand up straight!  Good posture will add at least an inch.  Then, just like how girls can push up our boobs, suck in stomach fat and conceal blemishes, you can also “fake” your height.  Try some height-enhancing insoles.  Some can increase your height by as much as 2″.  Is it kind of deceiving and somewhat “bait and switch”?  Sure.  But if once you reel us in and you don’t complain about our saggy boobs and muffin top, we won’t complain about you, Napoleon.

On that note, one of girls’ biggest pet peeves is the Napoleon Complex – short guys trying to overcompensate for their lack of height by over-flaunting their ego.  It’s not a surprise that the most obnoxious guy at a party or at the bar is the shortest guy there.  You know who you are and we find you annoying.  Check your ego at the door and invest in some insoles instead.