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This week, Brett Favre was fined $50,000 for his lack of cooperation with the investigation of his supposed inappropriate sexts to Jenn Sterger back in 2008.  Although Favre’s shadiness qualifies as being “guilty” for the accused actions, I don’t believe Sterger is little miss innocent either.  Why would it have taken her over 2 years to come out with these allegations?  Could it be that her show The Daily Line on Versus was recently canceled so she’s unemployed and broke?   Could it also be that Favre made some promises (leave wife or give Sterger shitload of cash) back in ’08 that he never delivered on?  Of course she flirted her FSU Cowgirl ass off which gave him impetus to sext her.  I don’t care how famous he is, guys are pussies and won’t come on to a girl that strong unless she gave him the green light!

Women are manipulative because we naturally use our mind more.  Men are more numbers-based, so you equate money to power.  That’s why guys with money will exercise their “power” by hooking up with younger, hotter women.  That power dynamic is immediately shifted as soon as you establish any type of emotional or sexual relationship with the girl.  A woman could withhold sex, reveal secrets or use emotional torture to gain the upper hand in a relationship with a man.  So you think you could manipulate a woman because you have money and a good job?  A woman will always find a way to manipulate you back.

Do I find my gender deceitful?  Not really.  We were meant to be the more physically appealing and emotionally open gender in order to attract you and keep you line.  If you have wrongful intentions with us, we will use the same qualities that attracted you to hurt you.  Favre was hypnotized by Sterger’s big tits and a resemblance to his beautiful wife (in her younger years).  He acted on this attraction without the right intentions and Sterger was able to up the game.  Sterger: +1  Favre: -50,000

In light of the new allegations from Jenn “Tig ol’ Bitties” Sterger that Brett Favre sent her text requests for a masturbation video, I think we can all learn a thing or two about sexting.  Before you hit the “send” button, check and make sure you’re single first.  Some of you tend to forget sometimes.  Next, does your message have a call-to-action?  Sending a chick pictures of your penis is pointless.  Let us know what your purpose is.  You want us to suck it?  Jack it off?  Or just admire how big (you think) it is?  Give us a tangible action that we can choose to act on or not.  If she doesn’t respond to your penis photo, don’t text a request for something in return, such as a masturbation video.  If we didn’t comment on your penis photo, we’re certainly not going to produce a video starring our pussy.  Sexting should be a flirtatious back-and-forth; a sexual dialogue that involves both parties.  If you bombard our phone with suggestive messages without consent, that’s sextual rape!  Also, make sure you would be OK with other people seeing your sexts.  I have been witness to several sexts from my gf’s flings and I have to say, I could never look at these guys the same anymore.  My favorite was, “I want to take off your brassiere with my teeth.”  Who the hell was he fucking?  His grandma?  The point is, once you hit “send,” you have to accept that others may see it and you gotta be OK with that. Last but not least, you have to deliver!  If you send a text “I can’t wait to pull up your skirt and rip your panties off tonight,” you better do it.  You can’t follow that with vanilla sex when you’ve already set the mood for something else.  Although we don’t know what really happened between Brett and Jenn, but judging by Favre’s retirement track record, it’s safe to assume he would not have been able to deliver on his sextual promises.