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Chas, a 40-year-old entrepreneur from San Francisco, created a site to find his future wife.  And if you introduce him to the woman he ends up marrying, you get $10,000.  Chas claims he doesn’t have much time to date, he says “Thanks to a decade of ‘life coaching’ and some insightful relationships, I can honestly say I’m ready to start a family.  For realz.”

Chas’ bold experiment proves 2 things: 1) When a guy is ready, boy is he ready, and 2) Time is money.  Although it’s a little bit sketch, I gotta hand it to Chas for trying a non-traditional way of finding love.  The man is relatively attractive, obviously financially stable, thinks outside the box, and knows what he wants.  I know he’ll be screening through herds of crazies, psychos and maybe even a few men, but I commend the guy for just putting it all out there in the universe.

So if I refer myself, seduce him to marry me, do I get the $10k or does it just go towards my engagement ring?  Wait…was that totally not kosher?