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When I hear girls describing their best sex partners, it’s always along the lines of, “then he threw me up against the wall,” “all of a sudden, he flips me,” “there was a little spanking.”  The excitement for us is really rooted in idea of dominance.  We want to role play with you; whether it’d be in the form of a powerful woman or a damsel in distress.  Manhandling is probably one of the hottest things you can do to us in bed, but some of you may be a little too polite.  For 2011, make it a point to take advantage of your caveman mentality.  Here are some hot manhandling techniques you can try:

– Flip us from position to position.  Preferably with one arm.  Ex: While she’s riding you, grab her waist and curl her underneath you for some good ol’ fashioned missionary style.  Some girls coin this as “The Flip” and we dote on it at brunch.

– Press her up against a wall or a door.  Then if you’re feeling extra advanced, lift her up and wrap her legs around your waist.

– Tug her hair.  Especially when you’re in doggystyle.

– Press against her neck.  Notice I don’t use the word “choke.”  I’m afraid some of you might pull a Lennie from Of Mice and Men.

– Rip her clothes off.  But not literally rip them.  I’ve heard of way too many stories of half-ripped panties that get stuck on the girl’s leg, or injuries from rip-offs gone wrong.  Plus, we like our clothes in one piece ’cause what would we wear on our walk of shame?

– Spanky spank that ass.  And if you’re gonna spank it, commit.  Half-assed spanks are as manly as wet fish handshakes.  Spread those fingers, aim for that juicy ass, and SPANK!  Ya better make a sound but no hand prints necessary.

Manhandling makes things hot and sexy but don’t get all Chris Brown on her.  If you break something, you pay for it.