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From what I’ve seen in male-female interactions, the root of all confusion, frustration and conflict lies in the “Why vs. Why Not” mentality.  Here are some recent examples:

1) Guy introduces girl to his friends on their first date.

Girl: WHY did he do that?!  He must see potential with me so he wants his friends’ approval.

Guy: WHY NOT? My friends were close by and they were curious to see this chick.  Plus, one of them owed me $20.  Dick.

2) It takes over 3 hours for a guy to respond to a girl’s text.

Girl: WHY did it take him so long?!  Is he playing the game?  He is, huh?!  Fine, bring it on, buddy!  I’ll wait a whole 24 hours to respond to your next text.

Guy: WHY NOT? It wasn’t a text that demanded an immediate response, and I was in the middle of playing Angry Birds on my iPad.

3) Guy leaves girl’s apartment right after he has sex with her.

Girl: WHY did he take off like that?!  Does he not care about me enough to spend the night?  Was this meaningless sex?  Am I a cheap whore?  OMG, I’m a whore.  Like Julia Roberts, except he didn’t leave me money.  Now I’m just a dumb whore.

Guy: WHY NOT? I had to work early the next day.  And I had to take a shit.  It wasn’t gonna be pretty.

Just food for thought for your dating adventures this week.