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This is the easiest concept but the hardest to master.  Many of you commit the crime of not knowing when to stop contacting a girl.  So when should you stop?  When she rejects you.  Sounds so simple, BUT some of you can’t identify rejection even if it was disguised as Kim Kardashian’s ass.  Let me break it down for you:

You: “Hey, you want to grab a drink Friday?”

Her: “I have some friends in town Friday.”


If she really wants to hang out with you, she’ll either 1) suggest an alternate day, 2) invite you to hang out with her friends, or 3) not lie about her friends being town.  Either way, a girl who likes you would jump at the chance of seeing you.  Don’t follow-up this response by asking her out another time.  All you’re going to get is either another rejection or a pity date.

You: “Little Fockers looks like a funny movie.  I would like to go see it sometime this week.”

Her: “Let me know how it is!”


In this scenario, the first mistake is that the guy should be more take-charge and just come out and ask her to the movies.  Besides that, if a girl is into you, she’d be extra sensitive to your hints and would tell you that she’d go see it with you.  And if she doesn’t want to go see Little Fockers, she’d suggest another movie.  But in this case, she’s basically saying, “That’s nice, but I don’t want to go to the movies with you.”

I’d say these are some of the more subtle rejections that girls give out, if you can’t pick up on the other more obvious ones, I guess ignorance is bliss (and lonely).  But when you do realize you’ve been rejected, keep in mind that a rejection is a “not now.”  She may not be interested in you at the moment but give her some time to warm up to you.  How do you do that?  By leaving her alone. Give her time to miss you and wonder why you haven’t called or texted in a while.  If after 3-4 weeks, you’re still thinking about her, drop her a line.  She might be thrilled to hear from you (now that she hasn’t been on a date in a month and is afraid she’s turning into the cat lady).

Before you all complain about how complicated girls are and how we can’t be more straight forward with our rejections, think about how you turn us down.  Similar tactics, huh?!