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After posting about Mila Kunis and MacCaulay Culkin, many of you wrote in to ask how to determine if someone’s in your physical attractiveness league or not.  Although I think that’s bullshit and everyone knows (deep deep down inside), try this fun exercise anyway:

1) On a scale of 1-10 (1 being someone you wouldn’t even bang after dropping e and 10,000 drinks, and 10 being someone you’d want caged up in your house for the fear of other men stealing her ’cause she’s so fucking hot), choose 3 celebrities who you would rate as a 1, 5 and 10.

2) Now, for all the girls you’ve been romantically involved with, give them a number between 1-10 relative to your 3 celebrities (the rating should be associated to the girl at the beginning of your relationship).  One night stands and random fucks don’t count.  If you don’t know her last time, it doesn’t count. You must’ve been on at least 3 dates with this girl.

3) Take the average of the numbers.  That number and below would be girls in your league.

Don’t forget, we’re only talking about physical attractiveness on your own scale (it varies for everyone).  No need to take into account personality, profession and potential.