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Compliments can go a long way but some guys just don’t know when and how to use them.  Here are some simple guidelines:

1) When picking up a girl, don’t use looks-based compliments.  In a pick-up situation, a girl may be fed line after line.  In this environment, a girl has come to expect guys to tell her that she’s good looking.  The best approach in this scenario is not to compliment her looks (like every other guy), rather compliment her personality or anything else that catches your eye.  Maybe she has a tattoo, cool shoes, or an antique watch.  You want to let her know that besides her good looks – I mean, that’s why you’re talking to her in the first place – you’ve noticed something that the other clueless dudes haven’t.  Don’t overdo the compliments though, then it just looks like you’re desperate.

2) When on a date, start off with looks-based compliments.  I find that many guys make the mistake of not complimenting a girl’s looks when on a date with her.  I often hear, “Well, she already knows she’s hot, that’s why I asked her out.” Being on a date is a very different situation than a pick-up scenario!  Boys, we know how you like to be recognized when you do something nice for us, like killing a spider, changing a light bulb, or hooking up our new Wii U.  We want the same recognition when we do something nice for you, such as dressing up and looking nice for our date.  Start the date complimenting how great she looks, it’ll set a great tone for the rest of the night.

3) Compliment others in front of her.  Showing appreciation for others is a quality women highly value.  I can’t count how many times a girl was turned off by a guy for being rude to the waiter or mean to the bartender.  If you’re trying to impress her, make a point to compliment good service, good food, good drinks, or simply a good time.  If the bartender makes extra strong drinks, tell her “this is just the way I like it,” then leave her a nice tip.  If the waiter has been extra attentive, a simple “you’ve been great” will not only leave him feeling good, but your date as well.  Not to mention, you might get some free perks as a result.

Remember, compliments can go a long way when used properly.  And I gotta say, that shirt looks great on you.