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Case in point: open up a woman’s magazine, and you get a countdown of how many of your eggs are dying.  Open up a man’s magazine and the first article is “How to upgrade your girlfriend.”  So, while you’re socially influenced to look at hot girls, we’re reminded of our ticking biological clock.

Women go crazy because our eggs are dying, literally, as we speak.  By the time we reach 30, we’re down to 50% of our eggs.  Now, even if a girl doesn’t want babies, she still feels like she’s wasting something that she could use.  Think about the psychology behind stores sending you coupons.  They want to make you feel as if they’ve just given you some extra money for you to spend, but within a limited period of time.  Even if you weren’t planning on buying anything, now all of a sudden with the “extra money,” you feel compelled to use it.  Next thing you know, you’re in the middle of Bed Bath & Beyond trying to find something and you might end up with something you never wanted in the first place.

Our eggs are like coupons (Hmm, how many feminists want to burn me right now?).  We may not want anything at the store, but we would like the option of not wasting our coupons, either.  So here we are, stuck in this battle of “I’m an independent woman who doesn’t need to get married and have kids until I’m ready” and “Shit, I’m enabling my eggs to commit suicide and I’m basically pushing them off the bridge.”  The end result?  Insanity.  We want to spend our coupons on the item (guy) we want, but if our time is running out, should we just grab the first item available and check the fuck out?

I think this also explains why single women in their mid-30’s are the craziest bitches.  Their eggs are committing mass suicides and the ones that survive may be rotten.

Next time you meet a girl who hints at a future, please don’t freak out.  We are self aware enough to know when we’re too much, but you need to compromise and not freak.  The point of dating should be about finding someone who could be your long term partner in crime.  There’s no need for either party to try to play coy and pretend to be something we’re not.  If this is not an option, you should go date a divorced cougar with kids.  She’s been there, done that, and now she just wants a boy toy.