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According to a study published by the American Journal of Epidermiology, men going through divorce show an increase in fitness level, while women show a decrease in their fitness level.  I think this is very telling of a key difference between men and women.  You guys generally deal with your problems with distractions – drinking, strip clubs, sporting events, exercise.  We, as women, deal with our problems by stressing over the problems – talking with friends, eating, therapy, and talking some more.

The study also shows that men have an urgency to move on to the next thing when faced with a breakup.  You guys exercise more to prepare yourself for your next mate.  While you’re in a relationship, though, you let yourself go.  We, however, do not have an urgency to move on to our next mate.  We have to analyze the situation, reflect upon it, get emotional about it, then get over it.  Thus, the stress eating and decrease in exercise.

What did we learn from this?  It’s good for you guys to pause and reflect upon the breakup instead of distracting yourself right away.  Girls should take less time for analysis and need to replace emotional eating with emotional exercising.

We also learned that you should not date recently divorced women ’cause they’re fat.  Give them sometime to shrink back to their normal size first.