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In a study conducted by OkCupid, iPhone users get laid more than Blackberry and Android users.  I believe it, here’s why:

ANDROID:  I hear nothing but complaints about Android phones (video freezes, easy to hang up on people, etc) so I presume Android users are usually frustrated and in a pissy mood.  No ass for those bitches.

BLACKBERRY:  Blackberry users are too addicted to their crackberry (it takes one to know one), so they can’t focus on getting laid when they’re obsessing over the flashing red light.   They get some ass because they give off the persona of a successful business person, but at the end of the day, when they can’t keep their eyes off of their BBM, how can they make googly eyes at any human?

IPHONE:  iPhone users like attention.  They like to show off their pretty iPhone along with their dazzling personality.  You can’t get attention sitting at home alone, so, iPhone users are generally more out and about in public.  They’re also good with their fingers (hello, touchscreen), which comes in handy in bed.  Additionally, iPhone users have the best access to the internet, so they can easily get on for pick-up tips ;).

I do think, though, that iPhone users may also have a tendency to exaggerate to make themselves seem more iPhone-cool-worthy.  I bet some of these iPhoners in the study inflated their numbers!

And in the case of iPhone users in NYC, because AT&T is so bad here, they’re having sex instead of talking on the phone.  Which, btw, should be the case for everybody.

Courtesy Call, Please

Posted: 12/20/2010 by Singlefied in Dating
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In an age of text messages, emails, BBM, IM and social networking, it seems that people rarely make phone calls anymore.  I, for one, hate talking on the phone.  However, I find that the biggest mistake many guys make in the “chase” phase is failure to make that courtesy call.  Most of the girls I know agree that it’s a MUST to first call a girl for that first date.  Yup, it’s super awkward and there’s the necessary small talk that nobody gives a shit about, but it shows that you respect the girl enough to make that extra effort.

After that initial courtesy call, texting and BBMing (etc) is totally acceptable.  It’s still nice to sprinkle in a phone call here and there, but not as crucial.

The other issue many of my guy clients face is leaving voicemails.  I am totally in agreement.  You’re trusting a device to record your one-sided conversation that will magically be delivered to the girl you’re trying to reach.  And by doing so, you risk sounding like a rambling shithead and how can you ensure that the message will be delivered?  The solution: if the voicemail picks up, hang up and send a text instead.  This way, she’ll see your missed call and appreciate your effort.  Also, you get double reassurance with the missed call and text message.

Now, if a girl doesn’t return your message after that?  STOP CALLING.  She’d rather shampoo her hair than hang out with you.  Move on to your next target.