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Ass or Tits?

Gentlemen: when asked the age old question of your preference between tits, ass or legs, don’t be that guy who answers “legs.”

Humans are one of the only mammals that have and like to mount in the missionary or doggystyle positions.  Why is this? Mounting Cues.  The breasts with their cleavage and the similar buttocks cleavage (go ahead wikipedia that shit) biologically act as mounting cues for males, which arouse us, increase our testosterone, and give us visual cues to a good healthy mate to further procreate the human race.

The guy who answers “legs” is full of crap because you aren’t so evolved to buck mother nature. You pick your nose like I do, you fart with a chuckle, and occasionally you shart yourself.   You are no homosuperior.  Don’t be that guy.

If you answer “legs,” it means you are trying a little to hard to be different or diplomatic.  Just answer the question truthfully.  Yes that’s right I’m telling you to tell the woman the truth.  If she has great tits and no ass then say “tits.”  If she has no ass and boring tits then ask yourself why you are speaking with her in the first place.

If your sister is curious I am an ass man myself.

Written by: Dick Lambert