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Results of the Dating Survey are in!  We had 100 participants: 41% female and 59% male.  The results are fascinating and somewhat surprising.

*In the survey, participants were asked to give their demographic info (age, location, occupation, employment status, relationship status and sexual preference) and then rank the following qualities in order of importance when evaluating a potential mate: Looks, Personality/Sense of Humor, Job/Salary, Intelligence/Education, and Good in Bed.  Then they were asked to answer the same question according to how they think their opposite sex would respond (this question was added after the survey launched so 10% of participants did not get to answer this question).


2011 was a great year for Singlefied.  We officially launched the blog, created great partnerships, attracted worthy attention from the press, started the successful show Ask Miss Singlefied, and ended the year with a sexy write-up on  But most importantly, we met you.  Thank you for your support, feedback, stories and discussions.  As a thank you, let’s review all the popular posts from 2011 that will make your dating life even better in 2012 [given that the world does not fucking end].

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SpeedDating(SM): A Timesaving Guide to Finding Your Lifelong Love

Written By: Dick Lambert

Sorry, I haven’t been posting my adventures recently. I am going to catch you all up and also say goodbye, as this will be Dick’s last post.

I recently, had a house guest for a few weeks. A friend of mine from high school is getting divorced and he needed some time to recharge his testosterone at my man cave. Nothing cures a discouraged heart better than getting right back on top of or behind another woman, so we set out with Operation Wingman.

Operation Wingman has a few key ingredients: one is a dive bar where the drinks are good n cheap, two the women are plentiful, and three a friend who knows the fine art of wingmanship. I was looking forward to helping Ned out because he was going through a tough time, while he is handsome, Ned is an awful closer. Plus Ned hadn’t really seen the full Dick in action so I was going to show off a bit.

We hit the bar at 11:30 pm enough time for anyone there to have already gotten a buzz on. Ned eyed two women he was interested in and in a brazen move walked right up one and started chatting her up. Ned was just plowing through trying to be bold. I had to rescue him as he was like a bull in a fine china shop. Once I reared him in and helped him get his drink on we casually saddled up next to his second pick, let the games begin!

I wish I had a good name for this particular wingman technique, your suggestions are welcome. I played to perfection the role of funny but obnoxious friend that goes a little to far. I started the ice breaker off by talking about an unusual viewpoint on the movie Forrest Gump. I then poll those around us, lo and behold the woman Ned is interested in. No matter what her opinion I tease her, disagree, and bust her as much as possible in a playful manner. The wingman is great because you are loose and on your game because you don’t care, there is no pressure for yourself. I say playing the wingman role is great practice in general for picking up woman. Now, here comes the tricky part, you want to make Ned seem smarter, funnier, and a better choice. You do not want to flip her to yourself that usually causes problems between you and Ned. I make sure this doesn’t happen by occasionally pushing things in the kidding around a little to far and there is Ned to rescue her, offer her a smoke outside, another drink, and a dance all to rescue her from my sinister clutches.

Ned is such a bad closer that he goes outside for a smoke without her. I tell her straight out look what you have done. My good friend from way back is outside by himself, smoking while you are in here being made fun of by me. I think there has to be some sort of rule that you aren’t following, do you leave your girlfriends alone to brave the women’s room alone? Im pretty sure you aren’t suppose to leave Ned alone. She complies because by this time she knows the dynamics of our group, I’m the funny but obnoxious one, Ned is the very funny (laugh extra hard when you are the wingman), employed traveler.

By the end of the evening I invite all to the diner for some grease to settle stomachs. I of course make up some outlandish reason my car is full and I have to stop home so Ned and her will have to ride together. They never make it to the diner and Ned gets his freak on at her place for the next three days; my man cave is mine alone!

I have also been hard at work breaking into an ex’s new circle of friends at belly dancing class. I have met the women after class at the local bar on two occasions. I have shown I am funny, smart, tall, handsome, man of means who can thrive in a pack of sexually aggressive liberated belly dancing women. My X is doing her part of the wingman by downplaying we use to go out ages and ages ago. I’m torn between two of her friends. The belly dancing instructor herself or the young Latin gal. I even come to the performance showcase and afterwards close the dance floor with them. By the way this is the best advice about dancing with a woman I have ever seen.

I start a little dance circle, a little conga line, and just have silly fun. The young Latin girl is into me and the belly dancing instructor takes every opportunity to check me out, impressed I can have fun dancing. I eventually choose the young Latin woman, Marisa.
I figure I can always come back to the dance instructor.

I bring all the A game to my first date with Marisa. Our first date is the gun range and drinks or what I like to call Shooting and Shots (in that order always!). If you have never shot a rifle or pistol before you should go with some of your friends. It makes for a fun first date because its exciting, you can show off a little, on a primal level guns are sexy, men who can handle themselves with a firearm is sexy, and a woman with a gun is sexy, its win-win. I also like the gun range because you can have a lot of fun with body language and some non-creepy touching. Help her grip the pistol, help her spread her legs even with her shoulders, shift her hips to the side, look down sight, control your breathing, and lean into the recoil. Afterwards we are doing shots high on the excitement from the range and then down the street from her parents’ house, making out in my car.

Here comes the part where I explain why this is my last post. I got a lot of high fives from Ned, my other friends, and some great feedback from our readers, and of course Miss Singlefied herself. Meanwhile, through this I started dating this one woman who I met online. I’m not going to even make up a name for her here. We have been on three dates and haven’t even hooked up yet. Out of all the ladies: Marisa, belly dancing instructor, and the others along the way I’m more myself around her, I make all the mistakes I implore you not to make in my previous posts. I think I have reached a time where I find if I play the game too well I outplay the organic development of any real connection or feelings. Marisa and I played a perfect game but it wasn’t much of a challenge, I wasn’t being myself, I was really just Dick Lambert looking to win and score, somehow more and more it feels unnatural and I feel alone. By playing the game too much and too well you play yourself out of romance and love, like the difference between a delicious homemade cherry pie and a diet artificial supermarket cherry pie if there was such a thing.

Playing the game is fun, but with the girl who really matters, you just have to play yourself. Gentlemen, it has been an absolute pleasure.

Happy New Year.

I was recently interviewed and profiled by  I promised I wouldn’t hold anything back.  And I didn’t…


Up Close and Personal with Miss Singlefied

If Will Smith’s character from the 2005 movie Hitch were a real person, he would be a she, and she would be Chinese and hot. Everything else is pretty much the same, minus the story line and plot, actually only the part where Hitch helps guys with dating advice is the same.

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How To Get The Girl | IGNORE and SCORE: Dating Mindsets Explained – How To Attract And Date Beautiful Women

This is what I always hear from guys, “Yue, it’s very easy to find attractive women, but why is it so hard to have a decent conversation with any of them?”  Sure, we can blame it on lack of brains and social prowess, getting by on looks alone, or overall disinterest in being interesting.  But after taking this course about the art of conversation, I have to say that it’s because most people are terrible conversationalists!  Including yours truly.  And here’s how you know you are a great conversationalist: you never have a boring conversation.

Recently I discovered Life Labs, an organization that offers classes for adults beyond the classroom basics.  As they put it, “We are an incubator for ideas on living wisely and well, offering courses, labs, and events for the common good.”  Some of the courses include The Seeing Lab (detecting micro-expressions), The Coolness Lab (what makes someone cool?), and the course I took, The Yapper Lab (the art of conversation).  Too bad they’re only offered in New York, but you could always request them in your town.

So is it possible to never have a boring conversation?  Apparently so.  And that’s why I’m going to share what I learned in class with you guys in The Art of Conversation series.

For this first post, let’s start with the “big picture.”  Here are some tidbits to keep in mind every time you start a convo:

– View every conversation as an adventure

  • A lot of guys view talking as a chore.  That’s the wrong mindset, buddy.  Conversing is a process of discovery.  If you talk to every girl you meet as potentially the most fascinating conversation to be had, you’ll be excited to yapper.

– Your goal is to talk about something you’ve never talked about before

  • Dating nowadays is like going on job interviews.  The same topics are discussed over and over again.  I remember going on a date once where this guy was literally like, “OK, so what’s your story? Where are you from?  What do you do?  Where did you go to school? Blah blah blah.”  It made me wish I didn’t waste my time shaving my legs that day.  Yes, these topics are the basics and should be discussed, but doesn’t all have to vomit out at once.  A conversation is a free flow of information driven by topics.  If “where are you from” leads to a conversation about racist blind people, then that’s what you should discuss.  The fun part is to spontaneously end on something you’ve never talked about before – such as, well, racist blind people.

– Everyone is able to talk about something interesting – you just have to discover what “sparks” them

  • In the class, the instructor showed us an observational study of a group of kids who didn’t know each other, socializing in a room.  All the kids had pretty standard conversations with each other – favorite toy, favorite color, favorite teacher, etc.  However, there was one 6-year-old girl, we’ll call her Suzie, who everyone enjoyed talking to.  In fact, they all voted her as the person they liked talking to the most.  What was Suzie’s secret?  Suzie asked interesting “spark questions” that made the other kids more engaged, such as “When did you first know you were no longer a baby?”  Suzie’s enticing questions stemmed from her natural curiosity and creative thinking.

– You don’t have to be interesting; you just have to be interested

  • In today’s world of cell phones, iPads, iPods, the internet, humans are constantly competing for each others’ attention.  People just want to be heard.  In multiple research studies presented in the class, it showed that people enjoyed having conversations with those who seemed genuinely interested, even if they contributed little or no words.  I find that on dates, we’re constantly trying to impress each other with how interesting we could be.  The problem is, nothing gets heard.  Don’t stress yourself out so much with trying to find the next interesting topic that will blow her mind.  Sit back, relax, and just listen.

– A great conversationalist takes practice

  • You’re not gonna be awesome overnight (stop crying).   So, this week, I urge everyone to take the following challenge:

PRACTICE “STICKY EYES” – Make a point to notice the eye color of everyone you speak to.  This is a precursor to showing you’re interested in what they’re talking about.  But be careful, “sticky eyes” does not equate to “creeper eyes.”  Staring? Baaad.  Strong eye contact? Goood.  Also, her eyes are up here.

I highly recommend this book by Dale Carnegie: How To Win Friends and Influence People

A couple days ago, I was meeting up with some friends at my local bar.  One of the guys showed up with this hot young thing: long shiny hair, long luscious lashes, and long shapely legs.  Plus, she was sweet and easy going, drinking beers like it was nobody’s business.  I was proud and bewildered at the same time.  “How do you two know each other?” I asked.  “,” they replied in unison.  Apparently, she was on vacation from California and applied to be a couch surfer at his place in NYC.  A hot girl who requests to go home with you?  I’m sold.

What is  It’s a non-profit organization that helps people find places to crash when they’re traveling; it also facilitates cultural immersion in foreign countries.  Their vision statement: “A world where everyone can explore and create meaningful connections with the people and places they encounter.”  It’s set up like a social networking site where there are Hosts and Couch Surfers.  As a Couch Surfer, you can apply to Hosts who are available in the places you’re traveling to.  As a Host, you profile your living situation and conditions and choose which Couch Surfers you’d like to host.  Totally free for everyone involved.

Why should you use it?  Besides all the connecting-with-people-from-different-cultures-resulting-in-lasting-friendships fluff, it’s a great way to meet new hotties:

As a Host: You get to meet babes in “vacation mode.”  Studies show that people have more sex on vacations because they’re more carefree and horny when removed from their stale home environment.  These girls are not only staying with you, they’re looking to you to show them a good time.  There’s nothing sexier than a man taking charge and showing us his world.  And the best part? Now you have someone to visit in another state or country (given that you were a good Host).  *Disclaimer: I’m not saying you should expect to get sexy time with every hot couch surfer you host, but I am saying that the probability of hooking up is much higher than meeting a random at a bar.

As a Couch Surfer: You get to meet a chick you wouldn’t normally meet on vacation, and if she doesn’t float your boat, she can introduce you to the other hotties in her network.  You can then invite all of them to visit you(r pants) next time they’re in town.  Awww, what a nice guy you are.

So what happened to my guy friend who brought the long-legged hotness to the bar?  Nothing.  But it’s OK, because he just hooked up with his Ukrainian couch surfer.  Ласкаво просимо в наше ліжко! (WTF does that mean?)

In the words of my friend KD, “happy crotchsurfing!”

Make sure you’re in top shape for your hot couch surfer! recommends The Flex Belt, the only FDA-approved device proven to tighten, tone and strengthen your abs without crunches.

The gym is a perfect place to meet hot girls…only if you do it right.  Many guys like to pick up girls while they’re working out.  BIG MISTAKE.  The gym is first and foremost a place where people go to work out.  Please don’t disrupt their routine and also it makes you look like that guy who comes to the gym to prey on sweaty girls.  Dude, your goal at the gym should be to work out as well.  That beer belly isn’t going on vacation anytime soon.

So here’s the key to picking up girls at the gym: think HIGH SCHOOL.  The gym is the perfect environment to recreate the high school mentality of the established Seniors vs. the new Freshman meat.  Remember when you were a Senior and felt like you ruled your school?  You knew all the teachers, you had an established group of friends, and you knew where all the classes were.  Didn’t it feel so good to catch a lost Freshman trying to find her way to Biology and you casually pointing her in the right direction?  And of course if she was cute, even better!

Now that you have the high school mentality, I am going to give you step-by-step instructions on how you can pick up the new Freshman class at your gym, breaking it up into the Advanced and Beginner levels:

1) Establish your seniority

Advanced: Get to know all the staff at your gym.  Shoot the shit with the guy who checks you in.  Talk to your instructors after class and get on their mailing list.  Try out a couple trial personal training sessions with different trainers.  And most importantly, get to know the membership services people.  They’re going to be key to your dating success.  Also, take classes so you familiarize yourself with them.  Explore the gym so you know where everything is: weights, cardio, stretching machines, kettle bells (girls love that shit), and mats.

Beginner: Just be good with names.  Try to learn 2 new names of staff members every time you go to the gym.  And most importantly, know the names of the membership services staff.  Also, get to know the gym and where everything is located.  Try out a new class a week so you can form your own opinion about it.

2) Spot your Freshman class

You’ve all seen staff giving prospective customers tours of the gym.  Most people take these tours during their lunch break or right after work.  These tours usually come with a free trial pass, which the customers will usually use that same day, and sometimes right after the tour.  BINGO, this is your Freshman class.  They don’t know where anything is, they don’t know anybody, but they do know they want to work out and look good.  Perfect.  Time to pounce.

3) Intercept a gym tour

When you see a hot girl on a tour, go approach the staff member who is with her.  Here’s a little insight: membership services staff love it when gym members approach them during a tour, because it shows that the gym cares and gets to know their members and you would also be like a walking testimonial for why you chose this gym.

Advanced: Since you should already know the staff member by now, go over to say “Hi,” throw in something personalized for that particular staff (“You were right about the abs class, it was a killer”), then turn to the girl and say, “You’ll love it here.  [INSERT STAFF NAME] will take good care of you.”  BAM, you just established relevance with your Freshman meat.

Beginner: Maybe you don’t know the staff member too well or you may not even know his/her name.  Don’t worry, go over and say “Hi” anyway, they’ll welcome a friendly greeting.  Then ask a quick question (“Do you know if Mark is training today?”  “Where can I find the schedule for Labor Day weekend?”  “Do you have time later I can talk to you about upgrading my membership?”).  And if you have the guts, turn to the girl and say the same thing as an the advanced technique (see above).

4) Re-approach Freshman in the hallway

Remember what I always preach, which is girls will be more open to your advances if you’ve established some sort of familiarity.  Now that you’ve done this with your tour interception, it’s time to make your move.  But DO NOT approach her during a workout, catch her on her way from the water fountain, or taking a break between machines.

Advanced: Approach her first and establish that you met her on her tour earlier, so she has context of who you are.  Then ask her what she thinks of the gym.  She may have questions or concerns and you can address those accordingly.  Maybe she wants to know what classes you recommend and since you’re well versed in all the classes, you can give your honest opinion.  Maybe she’ll ask you which trainer you like, you can even lead her to your favorite trainer and introduce the two.  Remember, you’re the established Senior and she’s the lost Freshman.  Your confidence should come across that way.

At the end of your conversation, make sure to ask if she’s thinking about joining.  If she says no, you should just ask her out.  I mean, what do you have to lose, you won’t see her again.  But if she says yes, proceed to the next step.

Beginner: You may not know names, classes and equipment as well as the advanced guy, but you do know your way around the gym.  Direct her to what she’s looking for, tell her about special quirks of the gym (“The water tastes better on the 2nd floor for some reason” “There’s a pregnant abs teacher, it’s interesting…” “If you come back after 8, it’s a lot quieter.”)  She’ll appreciate all your tips and will still look to you as the knowledgeable Senior.

5) Ask her to the Prom

Well, not necessarily the Prom, but a date at least.  Before you ask her out, make sure to have more face time.  Get to know her workout schedule and try to coincidentally match it up.  Once a friendly relationship is established, you can casually ask if you can buy a smoothie afterwards, or grab a quick dinner.  I mean, who can refuse food after a work out, right?

Good luck this weekend gym rats!  And for the rest, maybe it’s time for you to join the gym.

Get up to 60% off gym memberships, personal training sessions and more deals in your area!

This weekend, make sure you have all the necessary “tools” to create your own fireworks:

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Thank you to everyone who was able to make it out to our Traffic Light Party.  For more party photos, check out our Facebook page.  It was a huge success and thanks to Stoli for sponsoring a couple rounds of free draaanks!  I wanted to create a different vibe this time than the No Pants Party, so it started earlier to attract the Happy Hour crowd and there was no dancing.  I noticed that this time, there were a lot more people who came alone, props to those lone wolves!  However, I noticed 2 very differing types of guys who came alone:

1) I’m a social wolf.  “I came to have a good time and to meet new people.  I knew I would have to make more of an effort but a couple drinks in me, I’m good to approach anybody.  You know what, I’m up for new experiences and I’m interested to see what tonight brings.”

2) I’m a brooding wolf.  “I didn’t want to come alone but it just worked out that way.  I don’t know anybody here so here I am, looking awkward by myself.  This sucks.  How come there are no ice breakers or introductions?  How am I suppose to meet anybody new here?  I’m just going to stand in the corner and slip out when no one’s looking.”

Guys, I know how hard it is to go to a social event by yourself and not know anybody.  But it is also great practice for you to overcome social awkwardness.  Here’s what you should do next time you find yourself in a similar situation:

1) Breathe.  When we get nervous, our heart beats faster and we have a tendency to hold our breath, which will lead to a pounding headache due to the lack of oxygen flow into your head.  Dude, if you have a massive headache, of course you’re not going to have a good time.  Take a deep breath in, then slowly exhale.  It’ll relax you and your pit stains won’t be as obvious.

2) Get a drink.  Whether you go hard with a Long Island Iced Tea or start slow with even a glass of water, just get something where your mouth and hands can be occupied.  A lot of times, awkwardness stems from not knowing what to do with our limbs, so we end up in these strange standing positions that aren’t sexy.  Girls want to see a guy who is relaxed and willing to have a good time.  A drink in hand is a good indication of that.

3) Assess the situation.  Observe the scene first.  Who’s the host?  Who came with friends?  Where’s the bathroom?  Who came alone?  Who’s coupled off?  Who’s single (which, at a Traffic Light Party, just watch for the GREEN’s)?  Familiarizing yourself with the environment will not only give you a better sense of what’s going on, but your brain will automatically adjust from “strange territory mode” to “familiar mode.”

4) Buddy up.  If you showed up alone, chances are, some other dude showed up alone too.  Spot one of those guys and chat him up.  Not like sexually, but, “Hey, how did you hear about this party?”  Finding a buddy will help you build your wolf pack mentality; building your confidence.  And later, when you tell a girl that you and your friend met for the first time tonight, she’ll be super impressed by your bold attitude.  Girls want to know that their man will be OK if left alone at a party while she’s catching up with her friends.  Believe it or not, most guys are not comfortable with this.

5) Find the gays.  I’ve always preached that the gays make the best wingmen.  Well, this is the perfect situation to use their powers.  They love it when straight men approach them, so find a group of gays and start a conversation.  No need to gay-up yourself or go extreme macho (like a lot of guys), just be yourself and act like you’re just hanging out with your buds.  Then, maybe ask them if they know the hot girl in the corner, or they have any girlfriends coming.  The gays love setting people up, so if they like you enough, they’ll find a way to have you meet the girl you’ve been digging.  And trust me, if the gays think you’re cute, that’s the ultimate compliment.

6) Talk to the host.  There’s always a host or promoter.  Talk to that person.  Ask to get on their mailing list or to keep you in mind for their next event.  Friend them on Facebook.  Connecting with the host is like connecting with everyone at the party.  If he/she likes you enough, you will be in really good hands.

Remember, don’t ever be ashamed of being a lone wolf, but it’s all about your attitude!   If you intend on being a brooding wolf, you might as well just stay home.

I recently went to my first speed dating event with some girlfriends.  For those of you who are not familiar with speed dating, here is how it works: you’re put in a private room (usually at a bar/club) with other daters and possible lovers.  You get a scorecard (as pictured) and fill in your interest level for each person you meet.  For most events, you have 5-8 minutes/person.  For larger events, you have 1-2 minutes/person.  In one night, you could meet anywhere between 10-50 singles.  After you’ve met everyone, you pick your top choices and if there’s a match (both people indicate they’re interested), you’ll both be notified.  Then it’s totally up to you where you take it from there.  Oh, there’s usually lots of drinking involved.

After going into this with a total open mind, I would HIGHLY recommend speed dating for you guys.  Here’s why:

1) It’s great practice.  Speed dating is short and efficient.  In merely 5 minutes, you have to sell yourself but also solicit info from her as well.  The time limit will help you be direct, succinct and creative.

2) The girls have to talk to you.  That hot one with the huge tits would normally ignore you at a bar, but in this setting, she has to give you her time.  Skipping is not an option.  Maybe she and her twins will find you surprisingly sexy.

3) More women; less competition.  There’s always an abundance of women at these events.  I had to book my speed dating event almost 2 months ago because all the female spots had been sold out.  At the one I went to, the ratio of women-to-men was about 3-to-1.  And let’s just say, it’s not terribly hard to stand out from the types of guys who usually show up at these things.

4) For shits and giggles.  You have a new line you want to try out?  You want to pretend you’re a professional stunt double for Johnny Depp?  Or maybe you have 2 hours to spare before a real date?  Dude, why not shoot the shit with some girls to kill time?  What do you have to lose?

So now you have all the reasons to do speed dating, here are some pointers based on my observations and feedback from the girls:

1) Stop playing defense.  Here are some phrases I heard over and over again: “My friend dragged me here, so I’m here for him.”  “I was begged to be here by one of the owners, so I’m doing her a favor.”  “My job keeps me really busy so this is my only way to meet people.”  Don’t be insecure about why you’re doing speed dating.  By being defensive about your reasons, it makes the girls feel bad for being there, too.  It’s the same thing for online dating when a guy writes, “My friends pressured me to get on this site, so here I am.”  Well what if a girl really wanted to try something new?  You just now made her feel like shit.  Nobody wants to feel like they’re undesirable or a leftover, so leave your insecurities aside and be proud that you’ve put yourself out there.

2) Don’t be a dick or pretend to be one.  One of the guys commented on my girlfriend’s waitressing job with, “Does your day job not pay enough?”  That makes me wonder, “Is your penis not big enough?”  I don’t care how much The Game tells you to put down a woman to get her to like you, it doesn’t work if you’re directly attacking her profession.  Sure, this guy totally thought he was flirting with my friend when reality, she was immediately turned off.

3) Go with a friend.  It’s always good to tag team something like this because it creates a comfort zone for you, and girls like to see that you have friends.  It’ll also help break the ice because you can talk about your friend or even make fun of him, all in good humor of course.  And c’mon, you need someone to compare notes with at the end of the event.

4) Don’t write off anyone.  Sure, you’re not going to be attracted to everyone you meet.  So, you maybe feel inclined to be uninterested and uninteresting when you meet a girl you’re not into.  However, remember this: girls travel in packs.  You don’t know who she’s there with, and she could be BFFs with your #1 girl.  Girls talk…a lot.  And if your #1 choice is on the fence about you, she can easily be persuaded by her friends.  Make a good impression on everyone because trust me, if my girlfriend has nice things to say about you, it makes you a lot more attractive in my eyes.  [And secretly, it makes me want to compete for you.  Rawr.]

5) Have an open mind.  Do I think you’re going to find the woman of your dreams?  No.  But will you have fun if you keep an open mind?  Yes.  Listen, you’re going into speed dating for pure entertainment.  Your goal is to get to know different people and find something interesting about everyone.  Channel your inner Barbara Walters and take it on as a challenge to make the shy girl smile, get the loud girl to shut up, or better yet, charm the pants off the girl who’s out of your league.  Open mind, open heart, open legs!

Curious about speed dating? Miss Singlefied recommends Hurry Date