Exclusive Invite to Test Out New Singles Site: Sparkology.com

Posted: 10/04/2011 by Singlefied in Dating, Online Dating
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How many posts have I written about online dating?  A million?  And what are all these sites turning into?  A virtual whorehouse of unemployed perverts lookin’ to pokey pokey.  I’m all for online brothels (it’s efficient and clean!) but there comes a point when having meaningless sex is just…meaningless.  My friend Dave recently told me that he believes sites like OkCupid and Match are taking the mystery out of dating.  In his own words, “I can fuck a different girl every night of the week, but that’s because I can’t have a real conversation with any of them.”

So, if you’re still in your manslut stages, go the traditional online dating route.  But if your penis has a taste for finer things, continue reading.  I recently was approached by the founder of Sparkology.com.  Keep in mind, I get bombarded with emails from these dating website startups that want me to review their site.  Most of them I politely ignore but Sparkology really caught my attention.  The site is not a dating site, it’s an online dating community for high-quality singles.  There are four selling points for me in particular:

1) Men have to pay per message.  This eliminates all of you trying to copy-and-paste mass messages, and it makes you really evaluate if you’re interested or not now that a dollar value is associated with it.  On the flip side, because girls know that you paid to message us, it makes us actually want to read your message.  Not to mention that it is totally flattering.

2) Invite-only.  That’s pretty self-explanatory.  Anytime you have an invite-only service, it creates a more exclusive environment and people tend to be more picky with whom they invite.

3) One-page profiles.  I hate the nonsense of personality questions and other redundant profile topics.  All the extra stuff should be left to in-person interactions.  The whole goal is to date offline…right?  I honestly don’t need to know how you would react if you saw a cat get hit by a truck.

4) They don’t want you to stay too long.  Most sites offer long term incentives hoping you’d keep renewing your membership.  That defeats the whole purpose of dating!  Sparkology focuses on the short term and makes sure you get the most out of their service as soon as you join.  They employ market-driven behavioral algorithms; meaning they analyze your real actions and interactions to learn who are the best candidates for you (like how Pandora finds you great music).

Sparkology is now exclusively inviting Singlefied readers to participate in the beta website, and after it is out of beta, you all get one month free.  I am unable to publicly post the code, but if you’re interested in checking it out, contact me or tweet me @SinglefiedYue and I will email you the code!  I just finished my profile yesterday and I gotta say, I dig the layout so far.  Looking forward to all of your feedback on the site. ***There are no more codes to hand out as Beta phase is over.  However, you can go through Singlefied’s special link to sign up for Sparkology and your application will be pushed to the front of the (VERY LONG) line!

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    • Roger says:

      Reminds me of AdultsWithBenefits.com (which I’ve been on a wait list for 3 months now). They have a voting system there, guess my pic wasn’t up to snuff!

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