Things Just Don’t Stay The Same

Posted: 08/05/2011 by DickLambert in Dating
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Written By: Dick Lambert

I was on Facebook this week and I was added to a group waxing on nostalgically about the town I grew up in. Normally, I only look back to see if she got fat or if she is still hot. This time I got pretty caught up in some of the memories being brought back to life by people in the group. I was so caught up regaling the past that I almost didn’t see she had posted something about us.

Karen was my first serious girlfriend, yes I’d say my first love or at least first puppy dog love. I was to young to drive a car so I would pick her up on my Supergoose a very popular BMX bicycle at the time. She would stand on the pegs on the back of the bike, press her chest against me and I’d pedal us all around town with my adolescent lust. She was short, curvy, Italian, and had amazingly huge perfect tits. Her tits were majestic and I think because they were so big and perfect with their gravity defiance youth it set me on a course that later placed me in the DJ booth at a local strip club with a set of saline fun bags on a shiny girlfriend of my own (another story).

Since, we were young we didn’t have much money so we would ride around town just letting time slip by us. We would go to a place in the woods by the railroad tracks called Devil’s Hole. Devil’s Hole was this whirlpool sink hole that many urban legends had arisen from. We would sit and make out for hours. Karen loved to kiss and loved to get me aroused. Then with my big hard on we’d pedal to her parents house to “watch” movies in her basement. Her parents especially, her Father who was my Math teacher didn’t approve of me. I think mostly because I couldn’t do long division for the life of me.

In the basement we would get under a big blanket make out, I’d explore those goddess like tits, she would give me a hand job, and I would finger her to climax. Karen was very into fooling around and even admitted to masturbating by saying she was happy to have someone real to think about while she played with herself. We never fucked though but I got great at fingering, she gave good blowjobs, but it was the titty fucking that I just could not get enough of. Titty fucking is only worth it if her tits are enormous and can almost swallow up your dick in their soft smooth squishy embrace.

That was our entire relationship for a year and change. Finally, her parents pulled the plug on the whole thing. Today, I’m looking at her profile pics seeing her adopted boys and her wonderful husband on their last trip to Disney world. I see she shed all her curves and those tits finally met their match with gravity.

Fuck my life.

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