Why are women so crazy?  If I had a dime every time a guy asked me that.  It is also the reason why I do not coach women on dating.  I’ve had one female client and she made me want to strangle a baby rabbit.

Months ago I discussed how the pressure of being an independent woman and the ticking biological clock make women crazy, this post I will be exploring something else that makes women crazy: The Pill.

Let me guess, you boys have all heard that the pill fucks with our hormones, making us emotional and irrational.  That is true, but that is not the only reason why it pumps up our insanity factor.  Birth control pills are interesting because they still haven’t been around long enough for us to realize the true effects of these man-made doses of magic.  In recent years, studies have shown a couple new findings:

1) It makes us attracted to men we don’t want to fuck.

According to the famous T-shirt smell studies, we are sexually attracted to men who are of a different genetic make-up than ourselves, because genetically there’s a higher chance of a healthier offspring.  “By mating with males who have different MHC genes, females give their offspring a better disease-fighting repertoire.”  However, studies have shown that women on birth control tend to be attracted to men who are of similar genetic make-up.  In other studies, it is proven that “the more similar a woman’s genetic makeup was to her partner’s, the less she seemed to enjoy having sex with him and the more likely she was to report having had affairs.”   So therefore, the pill is making us pick men who we won’t enjoy sleeping with!  No wonder so many women on the pill report sexual dissatisfaction.

2) It makes us attracted to effeminate men.

In a recent Wall Street Journal article, “The Tricky Chemistry of Attraction,” a small but growing body of evidence proves that women are attracted to less masculine men when on the pill.   When a woman is ovulating, she is more attracted to “masculine” cues such as strong jawline, deeper voice, and pronounced muscle tone.  It is part evolution, as when we’re fertile, we’re looking for a manly man to take care of our offspring.  However, the pill fucks with these hormones and bypasses the fertile stages; thus, making us place less emphasis on masculinity.  These findings show that we may even be attracted to effeminate men.  That explains why those hipsters in deep V’s and crotch-tight jeans are getting all the hot girls!  It also explains why we will complain when you’re not being a man, when we were attracted to your unmanliness in the first place.

3) It makes us feel less attractive.

Naturally during ovulation, we are suppose to feel the most attractive.  Being fertile makes us want to dress more sexy and act more sexy in order to attract the right mate to reproduce with.   But like I explained in #2, the pill bypasses this stage of hormones which makes us not feel as sexy or attractive.  That is why you may hear some girls on the pill complaining that they feel unattractive, followed by the trick question, “do these jeans make me look fat?” (Always answer “no” btw).  Most of the time, it’s not the physical changes, rather the hormonal changes that make us insecure about our appearance.

4) Once we’re off the pill, it makes us not want you anymore.

As all of the previous linked studies imply, the birth control pill is slowly becoming the “divorce pill.”  More studies have shown that when women come off the birth control pill, they find themselves no longer attracted to their significant other.  Some claiming “I can’t stand the way he smells” to their marriage counselor.  And this all goes back to the T-shirt studies siting that we are naturally attracted to the scent of men who have a different genetic make-up than us.  Since the pill makes us attracted to the scent of men with similar genetic make-ups, once we’re off the pill, these men will suddenly wreak!  Don’t be surprised if the girl you’ve been dating acts totally different towards you once she’s off the pill.

Yikes, who knew the pill is basically playing Big Brother to our romantic choices.  And then to think about it all in the big picture, what is the root of all this craziness?  The root cause is women’s desire for equality.  The desire for independence and getting on the pill are ways for us to delay (or even bypass) our roles as women in society (mother, caretaker, wife).  We strive for financial independence because we don’t want no man supporting our ass.  We take the pill because we believe a child would put our life on hold, when we have so many dreams and ambitions.  But at the end of the day, it makes us frikken crazy.  Wanting a man, but not having him overpower us.  Wanting a family, but not right now (but when is the right time?).  Wanting sexual freedom, but taking oral contraceptives to make us less sexual and sexy.

Boys, do you now kind of understand our insanity?  How about a little sympathy…

For links between libido and the pill, check out this AskMen.com article.

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