Written by: Dick Lambert

Another Halloween and I’m find myself dressed up as the Purple Pie Man while Amy is dressed as Rainbow Brite (fail, they were out of Strawberry Shortcake costumes). My friend Pauly made his own Pop Tart costume, which in the end works out for all of us as you will soon read.

Amy’s campus had an oddball movement not to celebrate Halloween and we found ourselves in costumes without a costume party. We party hopped around and took to drinking in between parties.  The night was cold and Amy was certainly chilly in her costume while Pauly and I were indifferent.  Amy suggested in a slightly slurred words to fuck it, lets just go back to her dorm room to hang since we weren’t having much luck.

The three of us get back to her dorm room and her roommate Lana is out. We are all nicely buzzed and starting to tease Rainbow Brite, err I mean Amy. Amy is in costume still laying on the bed. She playfully kicks at me and I jump on her bed grabbing her leg. She playfully struggles as I try and hold both her legs down. I tell Pop Tart Pauly to help me. Pauly removes his costume so quickly he tears it asunder and jumps onto her bed in just his underwear. Pauly has one leg and I have the other and we both run our hands up and down Amy’s leg. She is clearly enjoying the attention as she lets out that telltale little moan. We spend a while just running our hands up and down her slender legs from her calf all the way up her inner thighs as far as we dare. After awhile of this tentative foreplay we feel actual heat the farther we run our hands firmly up her inner thighs. Our hands meet up with her panties and we both feel how soaked they are and that is all the signal we need as we pull her panties down till they are hanging off one ankle.

I start fingering Amy to her delight while Pauly (a way better wingman than Tom) goes to kiss Amy and take her shirt off. Pauly is kissing Amy and feeling up her gorgeous tits. I am sandwiched between Amy’s thighs, eating out her wet and very hot pussy. Pauly stands up over Amy who takes his cock out and starts blowing him. I start fingering and eating Amy out making it a game to see if I can throw her off her rhythm by making her cum. I succeed and am awarded with my face being soaked in her warm juices. I get my cock out and quickly put on a condom. I enter Amy easily as she is so wet and ready. Pauly moves to the head of her bed and starts fucking her mouth.  Amy can only look at Pauly’s balls smacking her in the face. Like good tag team partners, we switch positions. Amy goes ass up, face down. I rip the condom off and run to the head of the bed where I stick my cock into her eager mouth. Pauly is riding Amy from behind. We nearly all cum at the same time as Amy swallows my load. We all hear at the same time keys at her door. Lana walks in to this sight:  the Purple Pie Man with his going-flaccid cock pop out of Rainbow Brite’s mouth who still has her rainbow stockings on with a naked man buried in her from behind, a discarded trampled homemade pop tart costume on the floor.  Lana quickly closes the door as Pauly yells out “wanna join us?” We all have a good laugh (except for Lana).


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