Levels of Female Drunkeness

Posted: 03/18/2011 by DickLambert in Dating, How To, Pick-Up Strategies, Sex
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Written by: Dick Lambert

Yesterday may have been St. Patrick’s Day, but it’s actually St. Drunken’s Weekend.  The weather is getting warmer and the mood is festive.  This is the weekend to take advantage of the different levels of female drunkness and act accordingly.

Buzzed (1-3 drinks)

A woman who is buzzed is having a good time and generally has all her facilities about her. She is in the moment and having a good time. Your most successful approach will be to add to her moment of joyous bliss. Buy her and her friends shots but make it seem random and fun.  You may not get a one night stand from this, but at least some heavy petting.

Drunk (4-5 drinks)

Now the game has changed when she is drunk. Her expectations are lowered. You will come off funnier and better looking. You have to start worrying about her friends though. The best time to introduce yourself is on the dance floor or as she is returning from the bathroom. Never interrupt a woman on the way to the bathroom, as you do not know the mysterious female reasons that may be sending her there.

Sloppy (6-8 drinks)

She is losing coordination and slurring her words. You really don’t even need your A game with this one. She thinks everything is a great idea and she is excited to continue on her good time. Things might get a little crazy.  She might be eating your face off, spilling her drink, humping the fuck out of you on the dance floor, and you have three fingers in her. You have some things to be careful of, like make sure its all consensual still, avoid her friends by outlasting them, be the anchor of good times where she dismisses them because they are being lame wanting to cut out early, and be careful of the energetic but teethy blow job.

Wasted (9+)

Don’t even attempt to touch this.  Be a good guy get her to her friends and see her safely home.

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