The last time I was in Beijing, I blogged about parks where parents displayed hand-written advertisements of their single children in hopes of finding worthy suitors strolling through the park.  The parents highly pushed their children’s credentials and material achievements (degrees, salary, homeownership, car ownership were the main things).  Can you imagine getting a phone call from some chick who’s like, “Hey, I met your mom at a park and got your number from her.  So I hear you drive a Mercedes…”

As if that isn’t embarrassing enough, my friend Trina told me that at her parent’s church, they have Show-n-Tell Fridays where any parents with aging single children can get up in front of the group to pimp then out.  After they verbalize their child’s resume, interested parents in the audience can approach the presenters to discuss possible matchmaking of their children.   I wonder how a parent would reject another parent’s child.  “Um, I really feel like my Suzy would not fuck your Andy.  Sorry.”

And now they’re bringing all this nonesense onto the world wide web.  Geri, an overly-anxious NYC mom wanted to find a wife for her 31-year-old son (both pictured above), so she started a site called   Then recently, a pair of Jewish siblings started a website called that allows Jewish moms to set up their single Jewish kids.

OK.  I’m all for people playing matchmaker, and sometimes it’s nice to have a friend’s referral.   But, a friend is totally different than your mom.  If I can’t even trust my mom to pick out clothes for me, why would I think she’d be good at finding me a mate.  And frankly, my mom’s taste is so predictable that before meeting the guy, I’d already know he’d be some sort of engineer who looks “clean, stable and obedient.”  Like all moms, she’d want to bring me a Golden Retriever when what I really want is a Pitbull.  No thanks, mom.

  1. Jarin Udom says:

    And if your mom isn’t creepy and you want to find your own wife, you can go to 🙂

  2. Datingisms says:

    […] wouldn’t let my mom set me up.  She’d want to bring me a Golden Retriever when what I really want is a Pitbull. LikeBe […]

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