Women Prefer Superior Men (Sorta)

Posted: 03/07/2011 by Singlefied in Dating
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A CNBC article last week, “Why Do Smart Men Date Dumb Girls,” got some of my girls fired up so we started discussing it like it was a round table on The View.  In the end, there was nothing to be angry about.  Boys, it is true, men date less intelligent girls because most girls prefer to date guys who are superior to them.  But superior in these respects:

Career (A guy more advanced in his career path shows his dedication to providing for his future family)

Money (Similar to the above, a guy who makes more money is more able to provide)

Physical Strength (We want a MAN who can manhandle us in bed, or at least open the pickle jar with ease)

Intelligence (May not necessarily mean more degrees, but we’re impressed by your wit, random facts and the ability to hold a conversation with anyone about anything)

See, our priorities are a little bit different than yours.  At the end of the day, we’re most attracted to men who can embody what it means to be a man (leader, provider, safety, stability).  No matter how independent, strong-willed and self-sufficient a woman is, the normal hetero-roles are still enforced.  A woman wants a man who is better than herself. Simple.  But you see, in a world where women are becoming MORE educated, MORE independent, MORE self-sufficient, and sometimes even MORE muscular (ha!), it’s becoming harder and harder for us to find a man who is MORE than us.  That’s why you find so many bitter and bitchy, older single women, because they’ve spent all those years bettering themselves, while their prospects have narrowed year-by-year.

Now let’s turn the tables and discuss your priorities.  According to a study that I read a looong time ago (I wish I could find it) and the stories I’ve heard from my friends and clients, the qualities you want in a mate are prioritized almost the opposite of what women look for.  These are the aspects in which many of you hope the girl is more superior than you:

Physical Attractiveness (Big surprise there!  You guys are very visually-oriented, I can’t blame you for wanting something good to look at.  It also explains why so many hot girls are with not-so-hot guys, but kudos to them, right?)

Domesticity (Oh boy, another surprise.  A girl who can hem your slacks is considered more “relationship material” than a girl who has a joint JD-MBA from Harvard)

Social-ability (Can this girl get along with your friends and family?  Can you leave her alone at a party while you talk to other people?  Can she host a party with you and she can do most of the talking while you just eat and drink?)

And in the same study I mentioned earlier, “career advancement” was ranked as the lowest priority when it came to qualities guys looked for in girls.  Actually, teacher, waitress, and nurse are some of the most desired career paths, according to men.

So here’s the deal…I get it.  I get that no matter how much women want equality in society, we still advocate inequality in our relationships.  I also get that dumb girls are easier to date, as they don’t pose much of a challenge.  Basically, less effort to impress them.  But, before you go searching for a girl who makes your brain and cock feel larger than it should, keep this in mind: a relationship will never last if you don’t continually grow.  And to do so, you need to find a woman who teaches you new things and inspires you to be a better person.  Yes, you may be smarter, richer and stronger, but what can she offer you that is also ____er?

  1. energia4 says:

    As a guy I can tell you this- you are 100% correct. A man’s charm lies in his strength and a woman’s strength lies in her charm. 100 years later, this will still be the truth.

  2. Datingisms says:

    […] woman wants a man who is better than herself. LikeBe the first to like this post.▶ No Responses /* 0) { jQuery('#comments').show('', […]

  3. […] harder, maybe flirt more, communicate more in between dates, and overall show more excitement.  You’ve inspired me to reach up to your level.  Then, the next time we meet, you find something superior in me (I’ve taken up a sport […]

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