Date a Stripper (Part 3 of 3): Radioactive Material!

Posted: 03/04/2011 by DickLambert in Dating, Sex
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Written by: Dick Lambert

Hurray you are now fucking, I mean dating, a stripper! Awesome! Then just like me, you know the sex is outrageously hot right? You may have had similar experiences to my own such as the meltdown..

She is bent over my bathroom sink hands tied behind her back still wearing those impossibly high heel platform fuck me boots. Her head is bobbing in and out of a sink filled with water and ice cubes (her idea). I have, in my one hand, the end of her bra that is wrapped around her neck like a lasso for control. She has given herself completely to the moment as she is  pushing back on each one of my thrusts. This is a perfect merger of flesh as we are fucking hard and fast but in rhythm to our lust and bent desires. You know you are doing it right when you can see the ripple of each of your thrusts cascade in waves through her ass and upper thighs. Finally we both cum and I am so spent I’m leaning up on her ass for support and she is barely above the water in the sink. The bathroom is destroyed as there is water everywhere, and somehow I broke the toilet seat when I tried to use it for leverage and a different angle.

But such hot twisted sex from someone you are dating comes with some prices you pay pretty damn often. She is a nuclear reactor that melts down frequently.

Expect to get into fist fights with other guys at least two times every six months, as her customers occasionally cross the line when they go from good client to showing up on her door unexpected.

You will find yourself wrestling with the fact that she gives you the best blow jobs ever and the fact that you will wonder how did she get that good exactly.

There will be conflict with how much she loves to fuck and that she is a stripper. Not exactly someone you take home to meet mom or to your sister’s wedding. I really wish someone told me that before I did so.

There is a skeeve factor involved at some level that you must confront when you can think with your mind again and not your penis. You may get a little skeeved if she comes home and smells like some guy’s leg. You may get skeeved from the abundant use of stripper perfume that you found so attractive before. Now you know better it is to cover any BO and the smell of that guy on her.

80% chance she is cheating on you. 90% chance she is cheating on you if you don’t work at her club. 80% chance you are cheating on her if you work at her club. 100% chance you will witness a cat fight between her, you, and some skank you are cheating on her with or that she thinks you are.

She always thinks you will cheat on her and/or leave her.

She has no girl friends.

She will break something very near and dear to your heart. I have had several windows broken including a car windshield with my own motorcycle helmet.

But the sex was mind blowing. Just get out before the meltdown if you can pry yourself away from that ass.



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