Are You Winning?

Posted: 03/03/2011 by Singlefied in Uncategorized
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You would be winning if you were getting Singlefied emails.  Apparently some of you subscribers are getting our emails in your junk folder.   Sure we talk about dating strippers and how to keep your cock hard, but shit, we don’t need you to wire money to Nigeria to save your dying uncle.  Please double check that our emails aren’t being discriminated as spam.  Those fuckers.

And if you’d like to get first dibs on our posts, events, and specials, subscribe to Singlefied on the homepage.  So easy, Charlie Sheen can do it.

If email’s not your thang, there are other ways to keep connected.  We’re like a really good girlfriend.  We wanna:

Know what you’re thinking on Facebook

Know what you’re doing on Twitter

Know where you are on Foursquare (j/k, we’re not that psycho)


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