MTV Casting: Can’t Get Over Your Ex?

Posted: 02/16/2011 by Singlefied in Casting
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Do you know what helps most people get over their ex?  By nailing someone hotter.  But alas, that’s just temporary relief, and then you’re back to perusing online dating sites critically judging every girl’s horse face, lazy eye, and man hands.  If you truly can’t close your ex-files like I instructed, then you should consider going on this show.  DISCLAIMER: I am not associated with MTV or Bubbles.


Do you dream about an ex at night, repeatedly call them, check their facebook page or engage in random drive-bys when they might be home? Are you focusing all of your attention on that past romance that just didn’t work out? Do thoughts of lost love consume your daily activities from work to eating? Are you convinced that if you had another shot you could make that failed relationship work? Is thinking about someone you used to go out with holding you back emotionally from dating now? Do you want to move on but just don’t know how?

If you appear to be between 16 and 28 and have an ex that you just can’t get over then MTV wants to hear your story. Email is at Be sure to include your name, location, telephone number and a recent photo.

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