Blood Elf Sexy The joke used to be that playing video games would never get you laid, just fat.  Well, with the advent of MMOs (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games), you can get laid!  DISCLAIMER: We here at Singlefied do not advocate playing in the virtual world over the real world. Real tits over virtual tits any day I say!   But, I can bridge the gap between playing a video game and bringing some game to your virtual space.

A lot of people play MMOs and a whole lot of people play World of Warcraft, including lots of women. There are pitfalls of course to pursuing the fairer sex in any MMO.  First you have to weed out the guys who play female characters.  You can usually do this by just chatting with them for a few minutes.  Next you have to realize that there are some female players who are totally below your league and some out of your league (Felicia Day).

Now just like when you created that kinky Draenei Paladin, you need to pick an archetype that will pull the most tail for you in game.

The Knight
The Knight is that guy who wants to save her.  She wants a way out of that horrid relationship you have been listening to in guild chat for months now.  You are her guy.  You will drive over several state borders just to rescue her.  You will be that guy who puts out money for her airfare so she can change her life with you at her side. Y ou are Sir Lancelot.  The downfall of this archetype though is you may end up playing Sir Sucker A Lot if you are not careful to be used and abused (and not the fun way at that).

The Hero
As the Hero you rock at this game and your leadership skills somehow translate to self confidence and game when dealing with her in game.  Your character stands proudly over that last defeated boss with her at your side.  Your sword and her healing skills make for your sword and her vagina.  Tank and then spank! The downfall of this archetype can be ego, when she is better than you at the game.

The Jester
The Jester is a great archetype because if you can play this archetype then you really should turn off the computer more often and go out.  You excel at making her laugh.  Funny gets you laid.  Get a few under your belt but then unplug and try the same in the real world, the transition is much easier.

The Thief
The Thief poses as a better alternative to her than what she currently does have or wants to have.  You listen, you bide your time, and then you strike.  You become what she wants and steals her away from whomever she is currently with.  Your only worry is that he will find you to kick your ass and that living in your parents basement doesn’t really match up to the tale you spun to her.

There ya go Knight-errant, plug in and pull some tail.

Written by: Dick Lambert

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