Best Pick-Up Line

Posted: 01/10/2011 by Singlefied in Dating, Online Dating, Pick-Up Strategies
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According to the online dating site, Badoo (I’ve never heard of it either), the most successful online pick-up line for men to pick up women is to compliment her lips.  I can see how this would work for online dating because it’s a lot less creepy than “you have nice tits” and more exciting than “you seem like you’re an interesting person.”  Also, have you ever met a woman who doesn’t put on lip gloss religiously?  We’re into taking care of our lips, and we like it when you notice.

In real life, however, this line shouldn’t be used in a pick-up situation.  The best way is to compliment her lips after you’ve just stuck your tongue down her throat.   “You have such great lips, I could kiss them forever” not only would add some romance, but also encourage her to maximize the use of lips (if you know what I mean).

My favorite pick-up line is still: “If I was an astronaut, I’d orbit around Uranus”


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